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    Hi as I am new here today, I tought I would tell you a bit about us. We have 2 dogs, a Golden Retreiver 2 years old had since he was a puppy. We also have a Colley cross Springer which is 2 years old and we have had her for a year, although she is a rescue dog she is really good with us and fits in well. She has had some bad treatment in her time from her old owners, but only has a few bad things going on when she is out on her lead.
    This is the first time that we have had dogs in our life and we are finding it very rewarding. My wife has M.S. and I have Chronic Futigue Syndrom, which allows us not to be able to do that much, but it makes us get out and about with the dogs, at a time when we would normaly just be sitting around. I have lost a stone in weight since having our dogs and that must be good.
    We hope that we can give our dogs the best life that we can, but without spoiling them too much. We had them down to the vets the other day and their weight is just right.
    Sorry to go on about this.
    Walt :embarrass:


    Hi and Welcome!  🙂


    Hi and welcome  ;D


    Hi and welcome from me too.


    Hi , another goldie owner, brilliant. Welcome.
    You didn’t go on at all, lovely to know how important your dogs are to you


    hello and welcome – please post some pics of your dogs – we do like photos here  ;D


    Hi and welcome from me+Izzy  🙂


    Our Goldey has had his fair share of problems as he had his  crushurl  (I know that’s how you don’t spell it but that as near as it gets) ligement done about a year ago and cherry eye when he was about 6 months old.


    Hallo and Welcome


    hi and welcome to the board! it’s nice to know a bit about the people that join up and how important their dogs are to them :yes:
    i would love to see some picture’s too 🙂


    Hi and welcome, photos are a must on here ;D
    Easiest way is get a photobucket account, it’s free 😉


    hi and welcome ;D


    Hi Walt and welcome ;D you can never go on about dogs too much here, right everyone?  :agree:


    Hello and welcome 🙂


    welcome.  :yes:

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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