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    hi all

    sorry if this is elsewhere
    happy new year to you all and your wee beasties…

    tonight is the first night Mo and I have been on our own with all settled and sorted for what seems like eons….so the sushi is doing whatever sushi has to do and the tapas is doing what ever tapas has to do and the real expensive 2 bottles of wine and the gorg brandy from gunners mum is doing what ever that has to do…so …as I just back from mums having handed over to sis we having some us time so this just a quickie…as the actress said to the bishop in the interval  :tease:

    am off allllllll 2 morrow too so will catch up then

    falkor being a luck dragon….just wish the doGs would tell me how many lives a luck dragon actually has…cos he sending me grey and bald….he sleepy but holding…he eating drinking playing now and again …he still showing lots of not so good wee’s etc but he not ready to go yet…thanks for all the emails (not answered sorry) cards (not answered sorry) texts (not answered sorry)…will catch up i promise….

    as ever yiou a great lot

    it been some year uh?

    3 board weddings, some rainbow bridge trips, some pups …life eh?

    happy new year to all…thanks for all the posts, support, pm’s, funnies, time etc etc

    special thanks from me to

    and in no special order 🙂

    val…always there, always a shoulder mixed with a kick up the arse….bless you hun….happy new year xxxx

    izzie…student with attitude…happy new year flower…hope you get your clumber girlie…cubert is awaiting… :happy:   hugs to your mum aqnd dad and thanks…you done more than more than xxxx

    suz…i always know you there at the end of an email…my best wishes that you continue to develop as you have done to now and wish you loads of success…hugs xxxxxx

    claire….hugs claire…you been a great mate, you have come on such a long way in such what is really a short time….best wishes from us for this years uni stuff and hugs to steve and harry…..see you soon xxx

    mudge…well….mudge…you just ‘the mudge’….you know where i at….hugs hun and a kiz to the nooch xxxxx

    to the brides…..health and happiness always to you and yours xxxxx

    mark…your pm’s make my day …happy new year xxxxxx and a kiz to the girlie

    terry…GWS x

    Diesel…my main man….. honour indeed from an aging D xxxxhugs and mega hugs…and all the best to your sunshine and kiddies xxxx

    have a good night all…..

    will come on tomorrow and post pics and update the cubert post…assuming Mo doesnt get me drunk, takes advantage and leaves me with a hangover



    Have a good night Kiz and Mo, after the year you have both had you deserve it. Lets hope the new year will bring more smiles than tears 🙂


    *hugs* from us all x x x

    p.s. it is *not* a clumber toy …. it is a slobber wiper for mommy’s computer screen !!!


    have a good night you both deserve it, and i hope the new year will be better for you and everyone else :-*


    Have a lovely night tonight,  :-*

    Hugs to You, Mo, Ami, Falkor and Cubes  :-*

    Thank you for your help and support, wouldnt have gotten this far without it



    Happy New Year to you Bev and Mo and the furries am glad the sun is more than a piss hole in the snow, hope it shines brighter in the New Year.
    To the rest of you I wish a Happy and Healthy New Year
    Luv Val and the Karakara girls


    :'( happy tears love you Bev xxxxx


    Oh gawd, me and my pm’s?  :surprise: How do you remain so patient with me Bev? LOL


    {{{hugs}}}  :-*


    Hope you had a good night  :-*
    best wishes for 2009


    hope you had some wonderful ‘you’ time  :yes:

    happy new year  :-*

    quote :

    Diesel…my main man….. honour indeed from an aging D xxxxhugs and mega hugs…and all the best to your sunshine and kiddies xxxx

    :embarrass: ……….

    May 2009 be kinder on you than 2008 has been. And regardless of what you believe in…. Never loose faith in what you believe Bev, never loos faith  :-* .


    Happy New Year to you and Mo  :-*  :-*
    thank you for being here for all of us, sharing and caring  :-*


    Happy New year to you and mo and all the clumbsies, health and happiness to you all especiall the luck dragon, may he continue to drive you up the wall for years to come :-*


    Happy new year to you too bev  :-*

    Hope 2009 is a good one for you xx

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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