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    Well, I know I haven’t been around lately, dealing with the long winter blues for a bit.  Anyway, we’ve been having some trouble with the Sadie monster.

    Long story so bear with me.

    Started after christmas. She’s got a couple of issues that may or may not be related. First of all she began throwing up her breakfast a couple of times a week. She just gets a small amount of high quality kibble for breaky. She would eat it then very shortly after would throw it up and bury it..usually in the clean laundry basket or under the duvet  :vomit:  Then would eat it later, sometimes immediately after, sometimes awhile later if i didn’t manage to find it and clean it up first.

    Her second issue has been what the vet feels is a recurring urinary tract infection.  She has been almost incontinent at times. First noticed it when she jumped up on the ottoman when i was watching telly stared at me and just peed. I don’t think she even knew she had done it. She’s wet the bed in her sleep and a couple of weeks ago had a terrible night when she thought she had to pee constantly and was outside straining and generally miserable.

    We’ve seen 3 vets, 2 believe it’s a UTI and 1 believes it could be diet related. The kibble she was on was very high protein 42% causing something to do wit excess nitrogen causing an overflowing bladder.

    Overall, her appetite remains good, energy good, poos are generally normal, drinking at times has seemed excessive but generally average.

    She’s been on ABs for 2 weeks now but has had 2 accidents during that time. She hasn’t thrown up her breakfast since we changed foods to a lower protein level 27%.

    I can give her full diet and answer any other questions I’ve not answered.

    All thoughts are appreciated, thanks.


    Hi Nick
    What is showing on urine tests? have they looked for stones or bladder crystals?


    sorry i cant offer any advice just sending *hugs* to you and Sadie 🙂


    hi nick, i dont want to cloud the waters (so to speak) because i dont know what im talking about, but it does sound like cystitis, but the question would be why.  the ABs may sort it but wont get to the cause, what ever it is. is she speyed? as others have intimated, it could be the high protein food.


    She’s had an ultrasound and urine cultures. First ultrasound and urine sample “suggested” a UTI but didn’t clearly show anything. Urine cultures from the lab proved negative for infection, crystals or stones. No abnormal amounts of White blood cells.  Vet still believes it is a UTI even with the negative tests. Her 2 week course of antiB’s runs out today
    She is speyed.


    speying can cause incontinence. just a thought.


    Yes, she’s just turned 2, is it too young for that to occur?


    hi nick

    think you know what i am going to say  🙂

    but…if a dog is rejecting the food she is on but saving it for later in case hunger over takes sense (clever girl) then she is trying to avoid..in a way she is self medicating/regulating…cystitis is a symptom…the tract blisters and if recurrent then scar…the acidity of the urine inflames and you get a cycle…the tissue can become infected…the cycle continues…there is a thread or 2 re this…will see if i can find them for you tomorrow…later today  🙂

    go with your learning and instincts…kibble does affect some dogs this way…less fluid in the food, high protein and yep the strain on the organs ..high nitrogen being only one of the reasons…..you also have to do the dried food  – protien ratio conversation…i dont know the moisture content of the food she is on so can’t complete the equation but at 42 % the real ammount would be something like 50% at 27% prob 31%….

    can i ask why you feed her kibble….

    you know what i would do…flush system with potassium citrate…feed natural or at least wet…

    hugs to the pretty one…


    thanks everyone, and Kiz, even when I know what you’re going to say I still want to hear it  🙂
    she doesn’t only eat kibble, she has yoghurt, pureed pumpkin,carrots,sweet potatoe,apple,sardines,rice,mash taters, chicken and other things


    ok….the al a carte menu sounds good…so why add in kibble?

    the thing is …and it does fascinate me when folk feed a complete but then add good stuff in…you are way over loading her system…and you have it the wrong way around as i guess the other is her evening meal yeah?

    if you feeding 2 mealsa day and if you give carbs then the rule is

    proteins and fats am
    small amount protein and carbs pm

    dogs use fats as the instant energy source….the morning meal sets them up for the day until early afternoon the evening meal is tomorrow afternoon/evening’s energy….the carb conversion happens overnight and is stored…

    how is she now?

    incidently…just back from seeing an english setter x springer…looked a hell of a lot like a sadie… 🙂


    ok, am listening very closely.  :ok:
    She’s ok, just not right y’know. I probably spend way too much time fussing over her, but there you have it.
    She brought me a rabbit the other day  :whistle:

    ESxESS now that sounds like a handful !  Good luck  :canadian:


    a rabbit bless her…mayhap she trying to tell you something… ;D

    ‘lord dad…i hide my kibble sick and i catch me own breccy…’

    did you let her eat it  🙂

    iwouldlovetosharearabbitwithyouprettygirlieyoucouldhaveallthebestbitsandthenmefordessert  :-* cubert

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