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    hi we are going away in june with our dog witch means most of the car will be full of the dogs bed toys etc and if like me you think that you have every you will need can i add just one more thing to your list a dog disc with you mobile number on it because i rember a lady i met on hoilday who had a dog witch got lost  i went on to the beach the next morningn and met the man who found it but beacase  the coller had her home number on it the poor chap did not where to start looking for the owner and i was very happy to tell her where she find her much loved dog so i asked her how old is the dog thirteen so now every year before we go away i make sure that he has a disc on with both mine and my husbands number on it and the phone number of the local vet and a photo of him just in case


    Hi Farrokh, definitely a good idea to have a mobile number on it, but just for general information, you MUST have a disc with a name (yours – not the dogs!) and address with postcode.  I think you might be required to have a contact phone number on there too, perhaps somone else can clarify.

    If you are in a public place and your dog does not have an ID disc on, you could be fined quite a large amount of money!  But more importantly, like you say, if your dog gets lost, people can get him back to you that much quicker!!

    It is also worthwhile putting a note to the tune of “I am microchipped” on there, too, so kennels/vets/police etc know to scan.


    god help us then – honey rarely got a collar on let alone an id tag!

    i always have mobile number on mine so that whereever we go they can contact me!


    also let petlog know where you are going…  😉

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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