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    on her anal gland – shes been pretty poorly the last couple days, we were at the vets yesterday and back again today. Think the antibis are finally kicking in…………

    however took her back today as shes refusing to let me clean it out ( and it is super disgusting!) thats not Honey she might groan and mumble but she was off the wall with it snarling and snapping  😮 anyway she hates this vet so was growling before he even touched her ( in my upset this morning I forgot to check who id be seeing  :embarrass: ) he said just leave it dont worry about cleaning it it will be fine – is that true? swelling is going down but its still full of crap, and she will not let me do it i know shes a drama queen but she actually tried to bite me AND my workmate – thats not Honey however much of a Diva she might be  :-\


    aww poor honey hope she gets better real soon  :-* :-*


    awww hun, that is not like Honey at all  😮 see must be really sore bless her  :'(

    hope she is feeling better sooner rather than later  :-*  :-*


    Aww nasty, poor girl, hope she’s better soon  :-* They are horrible  :vomit:


    poor girl :-* hope she is feeling better soon


    It will be fine Suz years ago we used to open them get rid of the pus and clean them out until they were empty, now the AB’s will just get rid of it you won’t have to clean it


    poor wee girlie will be right sore and tender – couple of days on the anti bs will reduce poison and swelling and she will be back to being a diva  ;D


    Hey, topic back again  :yes: . Or atleast on my pc it is  ::) . Anyways…… hughug little furrygirl, hope littlebutt heals fast  :-* .


    Weird its back for me too!

    Thank you everyone! Shes doing much better thank you – Mudgie she never stopped being a Diva thats the trouble she went into diva overload  ::)  :-*

    But she was chirpy at work this morning and sleeping this evening and eatingg again so all is going ok i think! Getting tabs down is fun, i was putting down back of throat – she problem solved that and started foaming at the mouth  😮 mummy now too frightened to do that again as she looked like a rabid dog – sausage is working fine – but weve run out now…….. 😛

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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