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    if its not oe thing its another – first she has this anal gland abcess then an eye scratch  -then this morning shes totally lame – like wont put weight on it at all and looked SO sad – now i know shes a drama queen but she had me worried – i thought cruciate – thats how bad it looked.

    Nope – she had a frigging broken toenail  :what: i mean come on!! to be fair it IS infected so is probably sore but i swear its not THAT bad!! Vet checked her and was confused to start with as he said cant find owt wrong – if its as bad as shes making out there should be a fair pain response when the legs pulled – just by chance he touched her foot and she screamed –  ::) the vet was a bit  :surprise: at the amount of lameness for a broken nail – i shouldnt be suprised should i daft dog!

    so she went in on 3 legs and walked out on 4 as i held her tight while he snipped the nail off  ::)


    Diva through and through  ;D ;D ;D

    Hope she feels better soon bless her  :-*


    Divalicious Honey  :-* . Good to hear some thing never change, little one  😀 .

    Hope it heals fast.  :-*

    Travis 1

    Poor Honey ;D


    Bless I once travelled 200 miles to a show with Eshia as a youngster she was totally lame when we went in the ring so I pulled her out checked dam’d near every bone in her body only to find she had split a dew claw
    Dogs who’d have them  ;D


    ;D she is totally fine – i dispair of her i really do!! val shes split her dew claw tons of times and always makes such a fuss that we know about it straight away – but this time she just never made a fuss till it was infected!!  :surrender:


    glad she is ok  ;D


    Me too – is all healing up nicely thankfully!!  ;D

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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