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    On the way back from our walk this morning I noticed that Honey’s eye was a bit sore, when we got home i bathed it with some warm water, but it’s still seems sore and a bit puffy. There doesn’t seem to be anything in it or around it. Does anyone know of anything i can put in it to help? Because it seems sore and she keeps closing it and looking very sorry for herself at the moment.


    i dont no if this helps but i no a cocker after walking home got a small bit of grit/ dust blown up from the road in to his eye which made it puff up and he was unable to open his eye she had to keep flushing it till all the grit was gone 🙂

    im sure someone will be able to offer better advise hope it gets better soon


    try some optrex infected eye drops. it has always done the trick with my lot and my pals dogs.


    You could try golden eye ointment or Brolene – both have same active ingredient.
    Bathe it in salt water.


    Or you could try a  wash with an infusion of Rosemary, good for Conjunctivitis

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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