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    My poor neice had some sickness bug – shes still not great today so is at home – guess who has hardly moved from her side!! Shes been quite concerned and keeps ‘checking’ on her  :-*

    this is how they both are now – fast asleep!

    But shes found time for fun stuff too……….

    eating with Milo – no issues there, very proud of her

    helping open presents……… ;D

    and helping becca play dress up  :embarrass:  ;D i left them to it – Honey will let becca know when shes had enough – think she was just happy she didnt get the rings on her toe nails like Milo did!

    And one of Milo!


    Awwww, so cute – every dog needs a child to love!

    Always maks me smile to see dogs being dressed up by their adoring kiddie friends… Just loving the attention no matter what it is!

    Hope your neice mends quickly with her expert nursing help!


    if im totally honest Honey didnt like the girls when they were younger – they just invaded her space too much – but now they are older she gets on really well with them! Ive just been to shop to get calpol for the older kiddy – the younger one came with me, and held Honeys lead  ;D Am very proud how well behaved shes been here!


    Awww look at the mini Diva  :-* :-* :-*

    Looking very pretty with her necklaces on too!  ;D ;D


    bless the Diva ;D love the one of them curled up on the sofa asleep


    She was also going ‘walkies’ with the necklace on – becca had them round her neck and told honey to ‘take’ them – of course she obliged cos ive taught her too…….. ::) becca thought it was hilarious honey was walking her  😀

    Shes back on the sofa now with her little poorly buddy!


    Aww bless, what lovely pics Suz  :-* :-* :-*


    Great pics Suz, love seeing kids and dogs playing happily together  ;D


    something tells me that your niece will be off school for a while yet …!!!


    Oooh, and you’ll have to let your niece know that Honey looks like a real princess with that pretty necklace on!


    spot on Claire i just took them to the docs – no school until monday at least, poor kid looks real rough  🙁


    Poor little mite

    At least she has her Aunty Suz to get plenty of sympathy from  🙂

    You having fun though too?


    Milo looks good, he has filled out now.
    Love Nurse Honey ;D nothing to do with the comfy quilt her laying there? 😀


    Yep having a good time – just off to pub to meet a friend – driving though  :boooo: :boooo:

    Lol Lassie – it help a little bit!


    She’s a little star and Milo looks great

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 28 total)
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