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    aaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww  ;D  ;D  ;D what fab pics hun
    Diva looks HOT  :-*  :-*

    Milo is looking smashing too  :ok:


    Aww thanks you two!  ;D

    She is a star – her and milo like bookends on the sofa right now!!!


    to the guest printing this…..you are are doing so without permission of the owner….ignorant and rude at the very least…. >:D



    I am NOT showing these to my precious  :nono: .


    Thank you Bev – very bloody naughty whoever you are, I have permission from my sis to post these she will do her nut if someone printed them off!  >:(

    [quote author=Diesel73 link=topic=13867.msg265147#msg265147 date=1238695096]
    I am NOT showing these to my precious  :nono: .


    Dont be so mean go show her – then come back and tell me what she said  ;D  :-*


    OK, showed them  ::) , now i’m deaf thank you  :help: .

    Precious said; She’s sooooo sweet and she’s cute and she’s got a cute pretty tail and she’s got a sweet tongue and she’s got a pretty colour and she’s got pretty little feet and did i say already she’s got a very pretty tail?, and she’s got a cute face and she’s got such pretty eyes and and she’s a she cause only girls are that cute and she’s got very pretty cute and funny ears and i want one!.

    My son said; hmmm difficult  ::) .
    -What difficult?
    Which one i want to pick of the 14 doggies.
    -??? 14 doggies?
    Yep, there are 14 of those little doggies.
    -No, those are 14 pictures of the same doggie.
    Oh  😀 , will be cheaper for you than! I want 1 of those little ‘honin’ ones, the fluffy one from the lady with the samsons (Val’s little girl) and 1 of that dog (Milo) in big size too. That only… (counting fingers) 3! That is uhm… many  less than 14  ;D .


    Hahha Diesel your kids are great  ;D Safe to assume your little girl thinks Honeys pretty  ;D


    Suz, someone printing this >:(


    Again  ::) they can stick it tongiht they really can  >:(


    What i don’t get is; what the [email protected] can one do with pictures of a dog that is NOT yours and you don’t even know  ??? ….


    Oh I have a few suggestions what they can do with them  ;D


    And the sun doesn’t shine there, does it  :tease:  😉 .


    Nope  ;D

Viewing 13 posts - 16 through 28 (of 28 total)
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