Honeys not well…..

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    She puked up half a chicken wing earlier today -she ate that last night……she just generally very quiet – has slept all day, my friends dogs have had a sickness bug so dont know if she caught that but she didnt go near them while they had it and they all been clear for a week…just get worried cos shes getting old 🙁


    aw….poor honey buns…it odd that chix wasnt digested suz…hope she ok xxx


    Keeping fingers and paws crossed here. Let’s hope it’s just a bug that will soon be defeted.


    well she seems fine today!! and yep bev is very odd can only assume she ate it too quick?? she had 2 large ones but only bought up this half a chicken wing !!


    bless her…she still pigs them then  😀


    just a bit haha ! dex is the same crunch crunch swallow……he can eat fine in a few minutes  :ok:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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