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    On with the saga of my mum’s horse – clicker training going well but she has issues, and I can’t for the life of me seem to find an equine clicker trainer in the Northwest…

    Does anyone know where I can find Bev’s equine equivalent who might be able to give my mum a bit of a hand with her horse??

    It’s not as simple as just learning how to do it, because horse has issues – we now think she may have been battered a bit, and she has a very evil tempered side.  We need someone who knows, really knows, how to clicker horses, especially those with issues.  We need an equine Bev!!

    Help!!  Been on Clickryder and it seems to be all in the states, googled a couple of individuals in UK, charging UP TO £160 for an initial assessment!!!  Can’t afford that… and also waaay to far away.

    Anyway, any help at all would be much appreciated.


    someone like this?

    Depends where you based I guess?

    Edited to add – it may be worth getting in touch with him to see if he can recommend anyone who is based near you – if you not near him that is!


    where do you mean by north west ?


    By Northwest I mean Lancs/Greater Manchester area.

    I think giving those guys a call may beworth a shot as I seem to have drawn a blank elsewhere – but that was the guy who charged £160. Ouch.

    Seems such a shame that there are lots and lots of dog trainers into clickering, but very few horse trainers!  They’re missing out!!


    i asked because im in Preston but spent more time in cumbria


    i wanted to find a horse clicker starter kit like karen pryor sell on her site in the US but can’t find one wanted it for xmas for my mum and her friend  ::) might have to try to order from the us think there were a few on ebay in the us too.


    Bolton is more exact, so not far from you, Wags.

    Have spoken to a really helpful lady from a place called Ashen Equestrian Centre.  It isn’t ideal as it’s in Suffolk, and we aren’t going to start driving the horse around until she’s safe!!  Ashen equestrian do clinics with Alexandra Kurland – the leading authority on horse clicker training, and the lady I spoke to has trained via Alexandra’s clinics.

    Would be great if there was anyone who could actually come visit the horse – but this is a good start.

    Kerry & Beau – the reason you probably can’t find anything UK-wise is probably the same as why I can’t find a trainer!!  Clickering just hasn’t quite caught on with horses as there are so many Monty Roberts/Pat Parell etc “alternative” training methods out there.  It’ll catch on eventually.

    In the meantime I’d recommend going via Alexandra Kurland’s website as she has starter kits.  I can also thoroughly recommend her book – I have “clicker training for your horse”, and I’m sure the others are equally good!


    thanks really appreciate that link  :-*

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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