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    a friend of mine has a horsebox that she is thinking of hiring out but shes not sure how she would garentee that someone wont run off with it. does anyone have any ideas?  ;D


    There is a company that hires out peoples camper vans to other people, they insure everything so if anything does happen it will be repaired/replaced etc, there must be something like it for horse boxes I would think ???


    thanks jaydex i will have a look into that ;D


    insurance insurance insurance


    :yes: did think that will google and try to find some


    [quote author=wags link=topic=13230.msg254559#msg254559 date=1229020319]
    insurance insurance insurance


    And a huuuuge deposit  ;D


    offer to drive it for them …?



    dont you need a heavy licence or something to drive one?



    the licence you need would depend on the type of box and when you passed your driving test (because the rules changed slightly on what you can do in some cases)

    I would guess boxes roughly split into 3 types ?

    towed boxes

    7.5T & under


    People who passed when I did (and probably for a few years after) would be able to tow upto a certain weight and drive 7.5T on a car lience.but if you are recently passed you may not be able to tow or drive 7.5T, in either case you’d need to take HGV licence to drive a class 1-3 lorry type box.  Cheapest way to do this is to get agy work as a HGV driver and some companies will pay for your training.

    if you were driving for “hire or reward” you’d probably need particular insurance to cover that (plus MOT / Service etc …


    they are a company that hire out – thought it would give you/her an idea of charges, maybe you could call them pretend you intereted and find out who they use to insure etc etc ….

    another hire co.

    LICENCES.. for “all in one” type boxes (not towed by a vehicle).

    If the box has MAM/PMW/MGW of …
    over 3.5 tonnes but under 7.5 tonnes – Cat C1  (18 YEARS)
    over 7.5 tonnes – Cat C (21 YEARS)

    * there may be stricter requirements if you tow a trailer on the back of the box

    People that passed when I did & until the law changed I think have C1 automatically.


    If you passed your Car driving test after January 1st 1997 then you need to take a test to drive a vehicle with a maximum permitted weight between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes. This is a LGV C 1 licence.

    If you are over 21 you can go straight to an LGV C licence which allows you to drive all Rigid trucks.

    If you want to tow a horse trailer or tow a trailer behind a horsebox and you passed your car test after January 1st 1997, you will have to take a Car and Trailer test ( Licence B+E) or Lorry and Trailer test (C1 +E).

    For those people who passed their driving test prior to January 1st 1997 they can drive vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes and tow a trailer with a car. However if you want to tow a trailer behind a C1 vehicle the law is quite complex and we recommend you telephone us for advice.

    LGV Cat C vehicles are the same as the old HGV 2.
    LGV Cat C+E vehicles are the same as old HGV1.

    may also need this …

    if money is involved in return for driving … hmm quite complicated !!!



    important – even if they drive, if they win money THEY need an operators licence (bottom link in last post) or your friends vehicle could get impounded !! 🙁

    i think this is along the same lines as giving lifts or going yourself to dog shows where prize money is being won by you or the other person – even only a few quid!

    claire x


    😮 blimy i didnt realise it was so complicated

    ok i will read through the links tomorrow and write down all the relevent infomation for my friend and see what she wants to do.

    thanks claire for the links and the information ;D



    thats ok – had to hire one to move our old girl a while back so i knew at the back of my mind there was 1 or 2 complicated bits but it all went OK (as we were just moving her there were no personal “reward” issues)

    claire x

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