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How common is this…

dogclub – Good dog food – Good for dogs Forums Dogs Health How common is this…

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    I have just read it on another forum and found that it is more common in raw / barf fed dogs.  I have never heard of it before.

    Can anyone give more info on this please?


    Humans and animals can get it not just from raw food. I have fed raw for 7 years and nothing living in my household has contracted it.



    Bonnie had this (among other things) when we collected her from the rescue.  She certainly wasnt fed BARF there 😀 

    There are different kinds of it.  One kind is C. fetus which can cause spontaneous abortion in cows and sheep and can affect humans.  There are around a dozen different types that have been found to make humans ill.

    You get it by …

    getting poo in your mouth (e.g. by not washing hands properly)
    from having sex with an infected person
    from affected water and food supplies

    People can be asymptomatic (carry it and pass it without knowing) and then others more vulnerable can develop bacterial infection as a result.

    ***EXPOSURE*** to campylobacter may be higher in BARF/raw fed dogs but this does not mean that cases of it are nessesarily higher as the more well dogs would probably shake it off.  Pregnant dogs or dogs with some other stress (mental or physical) on their body may also be “more likely” to develop symptoms.

    Claire x

    p.s. some treatments leave dogs / cats etc… as asymptomatic carriers and some just are asymptomatic carriers as a result of exposure to it so really it is so common its just “in the environment”.

    quote :

    About Bacteria…

    A dog’s immune system is designed to handle bacteria such as Samolella, E.Coli and Campylobacter jejuni. It is much more adept at this than the human body. If dogs are fed nothing but heat sterilized food, you are depriving them of the opportunity to develop an immune response to these and many other organisms. Handling raw foods for your dog requires the same care as your ‘human’ food does. Raw food will spoil if left unrefrigerated for an extended period of time. Excess food not eaten, should be refigerated for the next feeding or discarded. Keep raw meat separate from other foods; wash working surfaces, utensils and hands with hot soapy water after each feeding. Simple!

    taken from –

    It seems that a crucial time aswell as any animals under stress for some reason – is when transferring over from commercial to natural as the diet needs time to build back up the “friendly bacteria” that commerical food strips away. 


    I cook my food, now granted i do like a nice rare steak and a little steak tartare or some sashimi is never amiss….

    I got campylobacter back in february …got it from restaurant chicken….very nasty, …..tests were much nastier than the bug


    Thanks for that.  It did just scare me a little as I have never heard of it before and when it mentioned about BARF fed dogs it did worry me a little!

    Nasty stuff Nick!  Poor you! :vomit:


    Lisa – i was the same, i went mental when i found out bonnie had it – harry was only 4 months old when we got her i had no idea i could be putting him in so much danger but … we were all finey it cleared up with some tlc and help from the vets and harry never caught it nor did any of us 🙂

    claire x


    I had campylobacter last year and was in hospital for 2 nights.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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