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How did you choose your dogs name?

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    Haven’t seen this thread elsewhere, love asking people this:

    Toby was a Toby when we got him from the shelter, it suits him well!  The Tea Cosy bit we added when we realised we have to drink up fast when he’s around, lost of burned tongues cos he’s such an attention seeker he can’t let you enjoy a cuppa in peace!  ;D Right on cue here he is for a cuddle!

    Alex’s dog Mia was named after Uma Thurman’s character in Pulp Fiction.


    Twiggy after the model and rosemary bush she loved consuming.

    Arrow after the dog in Harry Nillson’s album The Point.


    Dexter after his GGGGrandad Dexter von Franckenhorst and Kodi, liked the name Cody but changed the spelling to make it more girlie ;D


    Izzy because i loved Sooty when i was little (still do  :-[ )  😀 
    “Izzy wizzy lets get busy!”  🙂


    lol Foxy!! 😀 (Sweep reminds me of Blu when he was a pup! :D)

    Originally wanted Belle for Emmy but Pete’s pompey accent pronounced it ‘bowel’! 😮  Liked the Emily but wanted less syllables so it turned into Emmy!

    Blu coz it just suited him and I’ve always wanted a boy Blu! (and it’s our football team colour and Pete used to call me Blue when we first met, not sure why, think it’s a townie thing :-\) Spelt it like this just to be different! ;D


    Sam was named when we had him, think his first owners called him that ( used to beat him up, and he gets scared realli easy ) so the ppl we had him off had him

    Jessie was already named, and the name realli suits her


    Piper is from the series Charmed – Pru, Phoebe, Paige, Piper, think that’s it!!! Used to watch that alot  😀 Matt thought of it on the way to pick her up from the breeder  ;D


    dodger because i love jammy dodger’s, a girl in a film that i used to watch alot was called dodger and the dog out of the film oliver and company. ;D 🙂

    Dodger’s the one in the middle! ;D



    Well really interesting story behind Honeys name………………….she was already called that  😀

    She knew her name didnt see the need to change it  :-*


    And it’s suits her down to the ground ;D :-*


    Tam, breeder gave all her dogs Scottish pet names, he was suppose to be a bitch puppy but only one bitch in the litter already spoken for saw him and fell in love ;D
    If he was female the name was going to be Tanith ( The Devil rides out Dennis Wheatley)

    Willow, I called her Puddlepup at first before we decided on a proper name, she still answers to it ;D
    Willow, graceful, flowing slender, she looks more like she has been dragged through a hedge backwards most of the time ::)


    was going to call my 1st baby (that i havnt had yet  ;)) Grace, but it seems to have become a popular childs name, whilst at breeders veiwing Gracie on of the old dogs was called Grace, and I thought yep Gracie  🙂 then brought her home and OH best mate who just had a baby called baby Grace (we didnt know name) and they were like ohh what dog called errrmmm Gracie  >:D  😀


    Loki is named after the norse god of mischief / trickster god…

    I like Norse mythological names…. When we get the next one it will probably be Norse god/ godess themed  😀


    Merlin & Griffon were named after the V12 Rolls Royce Spitfire engines and Holley was already called Holly when we got her, we just changed the spelling to Holley as there is a company called Holley Carburretors so we thought, well, keep up the theme  ::)


    My Terveuren i called Wyatt because of a friends son who is/was a very cool kid.

    sadie was originally called Marcie at the breeder. The breeder always names the pups after a in characters from the tv show Cheers or in Sadies case all names from the comic strip Peanuts (Charlie Brown) .    We went through a number of possibilities before deciding on Sadie, we didn’t like Marcie and since she didn’t really know it , it was no problem to change.  It suits her well…although ‘dumbass’ suits her sometimes too  😀

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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