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    :help:I have a whippet cross, recently he was chased by a staff which he didn’t like then a few weeks later he was chased by a saluki. My problem now is that when any dog plays chase with him he is so scared he just bolts for the nearest exit which could lead him on to a road, he never used to do this it was just after these to dogs wouldn’t let up. I am now scared to let him off the lead, and he needs to be off the lead as he has a lot of energy. I’ve tried finding out how to do something like an emergency stop but i don’t think it will work as you can see all he wants to do is get away. Any advice PLEASE.


    i think the most important thing is to have a fluent and reliable recall  🙂

    Bev (kizkiznobite) will be able to advise you but i can imagine she’ll want a lot more information – what did you do when it happened, what did you say, how did you get him back, what is he fed on, age, training you’ve done to date ect


    hi and welcome…

    yep as the other 2 have said….more info and more training ….do you have any history….a dog like this needs firm cues that are fluent and reliable and also needs to trust you to protect him from others and himself….

    give us as much info as you can… 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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