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    Your avatar looks a bit squashed Colliemum ;D nice sig
    Kiz love the clumbers swimming, great shot 🙂


    we trying to sort it out  😀


    Fab pic Bev  😉


    Aww Jayne and Colliemum, great sigs – couldn’t see them yesterday – probably my bl**dy computer – it’s playing up big time at the mo  ::)

    Nice one of the Clumbers swimming  🙂


    The avatar pic is fine in the preview but it squashes a bit when it actually shows on the boards, I don’t know why.  It is quite a tall thin pic – maybe something to do with it.

    Thanks to Bev for sorting the pics out for me.


    have you reloaded the new one into bucket?


    The avatar pic is the last one that you sent me.  When I’m on my profile page it shows me my picture as it should be, but the avatar pic in the user info is squashed up, I think it must squash it into the size that it wants.  Far too technical for me  :-\
    This is the pic (when Tess was 12 weeks old)
    [img width=303 height=468][/img]


    Love the new sig Colliemum!  ;D

    Great pic of the clumseys swiiming Bev  ;D


    OMG How gorgeous is Tess……………… :-*  :-* Aw, I remember those days



    Awwww look at baby Murphy – Buster was that tiny once  :-*


    When Murph was a little poorly the other day I could see the puppy face so clearly and he was extra clingy with me, now he’s back to his usual cheeky self.  Went for a nice walk along the prom to give OH time to get some sanding done, boy it was windy.  Had to cut the walk short though ‘cos I was busting for the loo and I didn’t have my Mum’s house key on me to pop in, so had to walk almost cross legged home  😀


    It looks like Murphy had a pink spot on his nose when he was a puppy too.  Tess has nearly lost all her pink bits and just has one tiny bit from her nostril to the edge of her nose, I don’t know if we will keep that or if it will eventually turn black too.


    Collie Mum, that was the only way we could tell it was him by the white/pink c shape on his nose when we used to visit him before we brought him home  😀

    It’s funny now ‘cos when he gets very tired or hot you can really see the pink around his mouth (under the white fur)  it’s pink all the time anyway but it gets darker the hotter and more tired he gets  😀

Viewing 13 posts - 46 through 58 (of 58 total)
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