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    Next update, dead chuffed, just videod him whilst I did the school run (20 mins).

    He was quiet when I left, told him good boy and went (but forgot to switch off telly which is kids cartoons.. whoops!)

    I just sits in the window on the couch looking out.  There are a couple of yawny whines, and 1 little 3 second outburst and thats it. After 11 mins, he’s quite as anything.

    I know he’s not completely cured but he has made a dramatic improvement,  he isnt settling when I leave, he is looking for our return but he isnt making a noise the whole time we are out so I dont know who’s dog my neighbours keeping hearing cos I have proof its not him.

    Of course I noticed the huge difference when I left, he stayed layed down and was quiet, not following me around yapping his head off, but you dont know what they are up to when you actually leave and Im glad I got some peace of mind he isnt half as bad as I thought.

    ETA:  Forgot to metion, he dosnt whine when i go upstairs at all anymore  ;D


    wooo well done Jodie and dante! It’s a massive improvement! ;D ;D i’ve had this problem with Dodger so i know what you’ve been through and i know how good it feels when you finaly see a difference in them. :-*


    Well done Jodie, great progress  ;D


    Well Done Jodie I would hang on to the video show the neighbour  ;D


    Oh yes definately, they havent been around recently but Im going to keep it 🙂  Never know when I might need it knowing them.  😀


    Hi i am in need of some desparate advice, my husbands work friend has a 3 year old Westie and a 1 year old schnauzer. She’s looking for a loveing home for her dogs because she’s had a fall out with a neighbour whose making numerous complaints about the dogs barking all day. Hubby’s work pal doesn’t believe they are barking but who knows.
    Anyway yesterday we brought the miniature schnauzer home because they’ve found a home for the Westie. Well obviously she was very timid and very whiney but eventually she settled. We have 2 children 5 and 1 and they both took to her straight away and she seemed to like them, the family she comes from had a 6 year old boy so that doesn’t bother me. But come bed time the problems began. We put her in the kitchen which is where she used to sleep at home with the westie but she was constantly whineing and barking, so what we did was gave the run of the whole downstairs, that seem to do the trick for a short while. We went to bed and she was pacing around and whineing for a short while but think she was that tired she eventually fell asleep, but come 4 she was whineing and barking and my hubby ended up downstairs on settee with her (Peppa), this morning i had to drop my lad off at school and she was barking when i left and i believe she was barking til i got back 20 mins later.
    I have now been informed today that in fact Peppa did in fact sleep upstairs on the owners mums bed!! Not what we were told. Now i fully understand that she will be missing her home and owners but more importantly her westie buddy. Do you think we have bitten off more than we can chew so to speak? With her being a 1 year old is it too late to try and get her trained to sleep downstairs prefferably in the kitchen and to feel safe when we’re away from the house and not cry and bark all day long? I know i’m asking alot but don’t know who i can ask. Perhaps it might be better to talk to you on phone i don’t know. She seems such a lovely dog but just got over sleepless nights with my 1 year old!
    She is fed on  biscuits and fresh cooked chicken breast shredded up, she’s not been walked much from what i can gather because hubby’s work friend said she’s lazy, more a case of she’s been made to be lazy. Any help or advive would be grand. Thank-you in advance.


    just bumping this for those who can help  🙂


    and they will be able to help – i’m not the one you ned for advice, but at the same time that sounds like something you will be able to work on and correct – if that helps while you’re waiting for answers from people who know.  🙂


    hi and welcome – thanks for posting this on the board

    it far far too soon to worry – it can takes weeks if not months at times for a rescue to settle – it a huge change but you musnt re-enforce it by sleeping downstairs with her etc

    set up a night time routine – tele off – bedtime in a minute then – her you go – nice bed – have a biccy – nite nite – make sure she has a full tum and has emptied bladder and bowels – has a snuggle toy and is all cosy and then leave

    if that doesnt work then start her off in your room – if you dont want on the bed then put her basket in there and gradually move it to the downstairs as she finds her feet

    1 year old is no age at all – have taken them in as old as 11 – they settle eventually just have to have time to adjust to the new home etc

    chicken and biscuits is not enough nutrients for a young dog – have a look around the board re feeding – it one of the most discussed topics

    start in the stickies
    feeding bev on a rant – type natural feeding, barf, bones etc in the search engine


    After reading some of the posts in this thread it has given me some hope! I have just got an 8 month old Cockapoo who was left home alone for about 10 hours a day by his previous owners naturally this means he has some issues his previous owners told me he liked to be around people a slight understatement… If I leave him he barks for the whole time whether it is two minutes or 3 hours, my neighbours have already complained and I don’t know how best to deal with it??!

    I’ve tried kongs and bones to distract him but he wont touch them until I get back, he wont leave my side when I’m in the house even when he eats he has one mouthful then has to check I’m still there before having another. I will start the leave for 2 mins then build upto 15mins trick but does anyone have any other tips to help?


    valerian and dap diffusers and dap sprays will help too

    but the best advise is dont be tempted to move it all on too fast – take it real slowly

    how long have you had him?


    I’ve only had him for a couple of weeks so its really early days he’s also had to get used to my cat teasing him which hasn’t helped with the barking.

    Is there something I can use other than my voice when trying to get his attention during a barking spell if I can distract it he now understands quiet but getting his attention is difficult!

    Thanks for your help…its much appreciated he is a great dog very intelligent, just a shame he’s had such a poor start.


    can you not distract him with a treat or his fav toy?


    He doesn’t care about his toys or treats when he’s barking so its very difficult to get his attention.

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