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    here is my big special spotty nosed boyo (falkor) eating the end of a bone…now if i can teach a starved almost to death dog that has a serious food obsession to do this then so can anyone else…took a long time and lots of patience but as he has lost more gut than he still got it was either putting in the work or feeding him slop…..

    aint he a love  :-* – he so well at the moment – his luck seems to be with him again…he had a great time on hols …it 2 years since they gave him 6 months…..he a marvel  🙂

    [img width=468 height=382][/img]


    groomers……note the paws and ears  😀 😀 took me 2 hours  ;D


    and here is the little spotty nosed boyo eating one too…it beef  ::) stolen from inga  ::) …he allowed to be manic on holiday  😀

    [img width=468 height=382][/img]


    Falkor looks really well Bev, did it finish that little bit? When mine get down to the last little bit I I normally throw it away incase they choke on it :-[ 😀
    and Cubert :-* :-* great advert for teeth cleaning bless him


    yep he did jay…i never take the ends away..they work them – until marble size at least…i take the training that far along……ami is funny – like watching an old dear with no teeth munching a gum ball she takes it down to pea size before she swallows it  ;D


    Can’t see vids til I get on my home computer, but how long would it take a clumber to eat a bone about the size of Cubert’s beefy one?


    Bless.. Falkor is doing well Bev you must be proud  :-*

    and Cubert –  how funny is that.. he is almost in sleeping position eating that bone  😀


    they dont actually eat beef bones as a rule but a pork or lamb one that size…bearing in mind they a softer bone ….depends on the dog…falkor about 15 mins ami about 25…it depends on the technique …cubert stripped all the meat of fat off that one and got the marrow out then it became a play bone for them all to mess with….then i filled it like a kong and they played with it again – then it got stolen overnight by a fox i guess….

    yes xtine and the wee devil sometimes rolls on his back to munch so then we have to tip him on to tum again in case it goes down throat  >:D


    I was half expecting him to roll onto his back  😀  happy as  pig in ****  😀


    15-25 mins, Toby got a lot to learn, he gets through a much smaller pork bone than that in about an hour min!


    bless angela….think you need to check out jaw size comparisons  😀


    Brill  ;D Falkor is looking great Bev, so good to hear he’s in good health at the mo and enjoyed his hols  :-*


    lol yes !!!

    a clumber jaw could reach right around toby’s tum !!!

    lol !!!

    if inga’s beefies are same as the ones mine had – bonnie finished hers in under an hour, william and misty both took off the ribs and ate the spine and then ate a bit more of the ribs and then they were toys for a few days before i binned them incase harry copied lol !!!

    claire x


    Yeah, Izzy tries to flip over when she gets to the last little bit  :-\ ::)


    aww great vid’s bev! i love the one of cubert – dodger goes through bones as if they were made of butter ::) 😀

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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