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    in April i will be moving stan to another veterinary group as i am not happy with my current vets, so how do i go about finding a good vet and are there any questions i should ask the surgery when i ring round. i do intend to meet one of the vets aswell before i transfer stans notes over as i want to be happy with my new vet before we change.

    i dont know if there is a website of good vet groups or something so any ideas would be great ;D


    I would go on recommendations, speak to other dog owners, find out who their vets are and ask what they think  🙂 You can arrange to meet the vet like you said before you sign up and ask them any questions or concerns you have, should get a good idea from first impressions  😉


    thanks nat i have had people recomend two vets already so will go and check them out ;D


    Are you looking for a holistic vet? And where are you based? Cos I think there are lists of practitioners online somewhere that I have seen?

    here maybe:


    i dont mind if the vet is holistic or not so long as they are good and listen to me, i live on the isle of wight


    You could try asking this place if they can recommend any vets maybe?

    cos they do complementary therapies – maybe if they have a good rel with a vet that refers people to them – that vet might be a good one?  :-\

    Sorry if that sounds odd  😀

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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