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    Loki has hurt his paw  ::)

    Bless him – he must have cut it on something as he has managed to sort of half gouge out a flap of his left front pad – right a the ‘heel’ of the big pad if that makes sense.

    He did it yesterday

    So I washed it in salt water, there wasn’t any blood…  but the flap is sore and he is limping badly…

    I then put a pad of animalintex (dry) over the hurt bit and bandaged it with vetwrap.  He hasn’t been talking to me since  ::)

    Anyway – I took that off last night and washed it again in warm salt water – then *this bit am not sure about* I superglued the flap down, just at the top, which seems to have got it back in place  :-\

    Then put animalintex and vetwrap as before.

    Is this right? Anything else I can do for it? Or will he need the vet?


    No just keep it dry now good old superglue, hope the lado feels loving towards his mamma soon


    He SO not speaking to me  😀

    I been all businesslike with him – Leon was doing the ‘oh poor puppy routune’ – till I told him not to re-inforce it – by this point loki was shaking as I washed his paw – he is not a brave dog  ::)

    I came down this morning and he sulked past me as if I was going to beat him  :'(

    Should I be keeping walking time minimal? Since yesterday I’ve only taken him for loo visits… 


    Poor Loki, hope he heals up quick  :-*


    oooh ouch poor Loki.. well done Sarah for being brave for him  :-*  :-*


    walking will be will take his mind off it..just keep it clean..he will live

    hugslokiihurtmypawrealbaditwasallcutandbleedingandstillhurtswhenmumsaysyougotapoorlypawpawlotsofkisses  :-* amilou


    thanks everyone  🙂

    Will keep walking mr limpy then  ;D

    mymumisevilihaveahurtypawandshemakesitmorehurtyalliwanttodoislickitbetterhelpmeamilou  :-\


    nomustntlickitwillgobadbadbadandthenitwillhavetobechoppedofforthatiswhatmymumsaidthinkofmeinstead  :-* amilou


    poor loki hope your feeling better soon :-*


    Roflol Ami – chopped off paw eh  😀

    Poor Loki – glad you got it all glued back together hugs to Loki hope hes feeling better soon  :-*


    Poor Loki, heal up quick bigboy!  :-*



    poor loki  :-*

    nooch is in same situation after a skinned leg – still treating it = wee sod was licky licky when I left room – now I am not keeping the dressing off to harden the skin a bit – I am cleaning it daily and dressing it and will do so until it is fully healed

    He is walking like tripod dog and it isnt even his pad – but others have been reinforcing his “poorly paw”  ::)  Yip pain but he will live  :-*  :-*


    Oh poor Nooch  :-*

    Loki is being rubbish with the bandage – he chewed it off this morning…  and the flap of pad came off  ::) So he now has a ‘hole’ not deep – but still….

    I had to re-glue a new bit of broken pad…

    Maybe he needs a lampshade to stop him getting at it  :-\


    Tie a rolled up towel round his neck Sarah, better than a lampshade  🙂


    you could use some dissolving tape…like in the nail kits….and yep a towel

    pawoffpawbadbadbadpawoffifyouchewstopitnow… amilou  :-*

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