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    I feel that I would be a great asset to your working environment and team with my many years of hands on experience working with dogs and cats.

    A little background about me.  I am 33 years old and have been living in Sutton, Surrey for 2.5 years.  I have a UK Ancestry Visa which is valid until August 2011 at which time I can apply for permanent residency.

    I moved to the UK to be with my partner.  The last 2.5 years I have been working in offices primarily doing payroll and office duties.  My career back in Canada for 6 years was that of being a professional dog and cat groomer.  I miss working with dogs and cats dearly, it is my passion.  I continually keep myself up to date on the different techniques used in relieving dogs of unwanted issues.  I currently also help friends and family here in the UK and Germany with their relationships with their dogs.

    I am very used to working in a team environment and pride myself in being a strong team player.  The pet store I worked for in the grooming department had 8 groomers and 4 assistants.  We each daily had to complete 6-8 dogs or cats in an 8.5 hour shift from start to finish.  It was imperative that we worked as an effective, strong team for the safety and well being of the animals and also for the safety and well being of each other.

    Customer Service was a very important part of the job.  I have had the honor of working with people from all kinds of backgrounds.  From the rich and famous to people that knew no English to people with extreme physical and mental challenges.  I have dealt effectively and fairly with all different cultures, races and backgrounds with the belief that we are all human and have the right to dignity and respect.

    I was trained professionally at the Paragon School of Pet grooming in Jenison, Michigan, United States.  I was privileged to be taught by some of the best dog and cat handlers and groomers in the business.  I have extensive knowledge and experience in assessing the behavior of dogs and cats.  In my career as a groomer one of the most important aspects of the job was to accurately interpret the mood and attitude of the dog, number one for the safety and comfort and general well being of the animal and also for the safety and well being of the staff and customers.  In all the years that I worked full time and professionally with almost every kind of dog breed including an Alaskan Malamute/Timber Wolf cross, I have never been seriously harmed.  I am an expert in handling dogs with dog to dog aggression, aggression to humans, extreme fear and panic, dominance, kennel shyness, obsession issues, physical challenges (ex blind, death, missing limbs, geriatric dogs, epilepsy, chronic diarrhea just to name a few).

    I have also conducted workshops for the public and internally amongst staff on how to effectively read a dog’s behavior and handle a dog who has never experienced grooming.  I believe the techniques can be used in all aspects of the dog’s life.

    Daily I had numerous people ask me for advice on how to deal with certain types of behavior and I had to instill trust that I had the knowledge and experience to help them and to also let them know it was safe to be honest with me about the issues they were having.  I had to apply the knowledge and experience I had in such a fashion as to now ‘overload’ the owner/potential owner and primarily not to make them feel like a bad dog owner, but to help them learn more about their dog and the potential their pet has and to help the family bond and grow as a pack.  If I felt I didn’t have the ability to help them with their particular issue I was honest and did everything in my power to lead them to the right resources (ie vet).

    I also used to voluntarily groom dogs for different rescue societies.  They would ask for my opinion on the dogs behavior and I was always polite but honest.  I had the honor of working with many neglected dogs and cats, helping them to feel safe, loved and beautiful for their potential new family.

    I am used to working under extreme pressure and amongst team members that have conflicting interests.  I am always open to learn from people and their experiences in order to accurately and effectively help the animal.  I am willing to work all kinds of shifts, including weekends.

    I am very experienced and have extensive knowledge in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and the Internet.

    I hope I have given an adequate account of my experience and skills.  This position is a dream job for me although to be honest I am sure most of the duties involved would not feel so much like work to me since I have such enthusiasm and love for working with animals.  I hope that you will view my credentials as an asset to your organization and that we can meet in person.

    Yours sincerely,

    Lucy Locke.


    hi and welcome  🙂

    is this in reply to the ad? which i think you have replied to

    if so please remove this and pm the people directly


    I am sorry it is not a reply to the other ad.  It is me seeking out employment.

    Thank you.


    Hi – to be honest you would be better (if you havent already) joining a couple grooming forums. is a few grooming rooms and watt-a-dog forum that are aimed more at uk groomers.

    But to be even more honest  – id be typing up my cv and attaching a portfolio of my work and sending (or taking it in _ to salons near by to you, you will get a much better response, and it will be going directly to the people who you want to target.

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