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    …with one of the most gorgeous dogs i have ever seen…i thought at first it was a shortish boerboel lol….turns out he a akita cross dalmation…when owner said i thought blimey what a cross but he really is lovely with great conformity and expression, wish i had taken a pic… as soft as tripe  ;D he was in a white van outside supermarket with his head out of the window  ;D ;D he did a sort of hrrrhrrtalky noise wagging tail as i got out of my car next to him…asked owner if i could greet him and we got chatting…his name is bart haha…his whole body nearly came out of the window as he was rubbing himself around my neck and arms all the while making that odd hrrrring noise with his waggy tail thumping the window screen….owner then said try and get in van  >:D >:D i declined…he had huge mastiff type jaws with big pearly whites and did that odd scrunching nose action that is often viewed as aggression but no slobber  😀 …he is trained to guard the van but only if anyone tries to enter it…owner said he was his baby and his life…he rescued him as a pup from some idiots that let their dogs breed and then couldnt sell the litter….the rest went to the local dogs trust….
    not my sort of dog at all but fell for him all the same  🙂 but jeez…what a mix of genetics…asked the butcher in supermarket if he had any bones and he said well i did have but that guy that comes in the white van with the big beast just bought them all  ;D ;D bet he could eat a whole carcass in one go  ;D ;D


    Pity you couldn’t get a photo, he is a weird mix :surprise:


    well…yeah  ;D but it somehow sort of worked  🙂 he goes everyweek so will try and get a pic…


    lol love to see a pic!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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