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    when I was rooting through my cupboards for something else. I can vaguely remember someone giving me this, saying I might be interested in it, when the boys were small. It was originally written in 1906 by Alfred J Sewell, although it was rewritten in 1951 by Major Hamilton Kirk. Its the 1951 edition that I have here and its called The Dog’s Medical Dictionary. And you can tell it was written before the days of tinned food and kibble as well  😉


    😮 ok..it the one i am missing from my kirk lib…so you want to sell?

    offer £30 plus £20 to clumber or springer rescue or a split  🙂


    Wow, really!!! I would like to have a read of it first Bev and also Izzie has asked to borrow it as well but Im happy to sort something out with you.

    Can you tell me a little about the author Bev? Couldnt find anything when I tried googling him ???


    I dont mind borrowing it from Bev  ;D


    he was a vet hun..published loads of stuff… 🙂



    there do seem to be other copies of various editions on the net so u could have 1 each …

    claire x


    got various already  🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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