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    well paid deposit on a new car – not brand new, but newer than i have  ;D paid more than I planned to – but fell in love with it soon as i test drove it  :yes: hopefully pick it up sunday – they got to do a new mot and get it taxed – and changed cam belt  😉 then i can have it!!

    will put pics back later!!  :embarrass:


    Congrats hun.. you are working so hard, you deserve it  :ok:

    Now for a name!!


    Sure working hard – will miss my current car though  :yes:

    A name – all suggestions welcome – never named a car before lol!


    Yey its a little Pug, thats what they call  Peugeot’s round here Suz, very swish nice colour aswell 🙂


    That’s nice Suz – looks in fab condition  :happy:

    Yep a Pug  😀 I had a Pug 106 XSi once, loved it, nippy little thing too  :yes:


    Very nice Suz!!  ;D ;D ;D

    only, blacken out the number plates hon.


    Well done Suz!

    I’ve never been one for naming cars   :confused:


    Jorge looks lovely!  :ok:


    [quote author=Izzie link=topic=12507.msg241845#msg241845 date=1222018616]
    Very nice Suz!!  ;D ;D ;D

    only, blacken out the number plates hon.

    oh **** hang on will remove pics till i can do that ooops!

    a pug –  😀 called Jorge lol!!  ;D


    Picked car up – sat in horrific traffic on way down was hot and fed up by time i got there  >:( he says – cars got enough diesel to get you home………..b******** did it had to find nearest garage asap!! Made it home in one piece – Honey been in it – she sat in back and went to sleep  ;D

    Radio doesnt work  :nono: that no good, dont like driving with no radio – going to go see if they can fit a new one tomorrow  :yes:


    Congrates with your new wheels, Suz  :-* .


    Thanks Diesel  :-*


    my mums cars have been

    Bertha Mason Rochester

    – mmmmm notice a trend


    bet you’re glad to get it.. and yes.. get the radio sorted, that would drive me nuts!!!
    Enjoy it hun –  you have worked hard  :-*


    thanks hun – radio sorted got a cd player fitted this morning – then that wouldnt work properly so ended up going back again  -all sorted now  ;D  ;D

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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