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    is back

    Yey!  ;D

    Love it  :yes:


    lol – its on the tv – will watch bits of it – like to see them eating gross stuff  😀


    Yep, me too, although this year i think ‘celebrity’ is pushing it a bit far  ::)


    hahaha celebrity is nearly ALWAYS pushing it  >:D  😉

    They just jumped out of a plane – mad  :vomit:


    how funny was Joe jumping at the claxon?  😀  😀


    Ok, so its not even the end of the first programme yet but


    He’s a complete arse!

    And i don’t like nicola much either, she seems to be a copy of Jordan, or at least she thinks  :boooo:
    As far as im concerned, there’s only one Jordan!


    She SOUNDS like Jordan  😀

    Lol yup christine that was funny!! ;D


    He’s going to wind them up  :yes:

    I think Joe has done well so far  :ok:


    :agree: Kilroy out!!!! What a pratt!!!  ::)

    I personally like the “camp” camp best  ;D  :yes:


    Thank god there is only one Jordan  ::)

    Katie Price is lovely but Jordan is well – dont start me on her.

    Kilroy will be good entertainment


    I watched this last night – I never watch progs like this – but think I might be addicted  :-[

    Kilroy is such an arse – he will be entertaining  ;D


    hmmm  celebrity is not quite the word this year lol

    should be a fun group this year i think, couldn’t believe that star trek guy jumped out of a plane, hes 72!  😮


    OMG can we PLEASE get David out hes awful – arrogant  :vomit: I cant be the only one who wants to push him head first into the fire  >:D him and that flipping bus he is scarily attached to it and his bed  :tease:


    No, i cant stand David!!  i saw him in that remaking the band thing where he made Sonia cry, he was exactly the same, difficult and awkward.  Everything he does annoys me coz he does stuff he knows will wind the others up but then tries to be all innocent!  :boooo:


    I dont even know who he is exactly – but dont like him

    How funny was the drinks  😀

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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