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    Hi and Happy New Year!

    I came across this forum last month when I was googling Blue Picardy Spaniel (Hi Nick!)…My family and I are owned by one incredible BPS boy.
    I wanted to share this breed with readers, as Nick has done, and take advantage of some of the great info and interaction that this board seems to generate.

    So, onto the introductions: My name is Kim and I am a mom, wife and part time illustrator/artist in Burlington, Ontario Canada.
    Our dog is Brighthope Blue Suede Shoes, aka Suede. He is almost three and a full male. We got him from Dave and Vicki Duncan of Brighthope Kennels (Walkerton, Ontario). One of Nick’s earlier posts showed a visit to her kennels and the last litter of pups.

    Vicki is currently showing him in conformation and we are one point away from his Can.Championship. After that, my husband and I hope to take him through his obedience levels and try some tracking, but some of the spaniel trials look pretty interesting too.

    For a representative of the breed, Suede is a very male looking dog. He is about as tall as they can be without going over standard and weighs in at 60 lbs. Proportionally, he is a little too square and would be better with a shorter leg. His ears are a tad too short; they should reach his nose when stretched but there just shy of that by about 1/2 ” His movement is good and he has a wide, deep chest and great head.

    He is an intelligent and active dog who is absolutely fabulous with kids. Has never given our cats any pause for concern, other than inviting them to play and is very well behaved with other dogs. He loves his people and always wants to be “there” with you. He will retrieve and go in water, but is not an avid swimmer in deep water. He has picked on on commands very well, but we are still working on the recall. Squirrels, which are his obsession, sometimes get in the way…..

    Sorry for the ramble, but I wanted to share  😀

    Here are some pics of Suede:
    1.) Suede, Summer of 2008
    2.) Suede and his best friend, Bronwyn the Great Dane



    Fantastic!  Welcome welcome welcome!!!!!!  :happy:

    Suede is a stunning boyo!

    Looking forward to sharing BPS stories, has Vicki mentioned anything to you about a breed club?

    is funny, Sadie loves Great danes too  ;D

    btw, this  :canadian: is the canadian smiley  :yes:


    Hello and welcome – Suede is a stunner  ;D


    Hi & Welcome 🙂 what a gorgeous boy :-* :-*


    Hi and welcome, gorgous boy you have there  🙂


    Ooh, he’s handsome!! Hi and welcome  🙂


    wow he’s gorgeous !!!!

    he looks alot thicker built than Sadie – are the boys heavier or is it just Sadie who looks all wispy and flyaway lol !! 😀


    Hallo and Welcome lovely dogs


    hi and welcome  🙂


    Oh wow oh wow oh wow, Another blue picardy. I had never heard of this breed until I joined this forum and saw Nick’s Sadie and fell hopeless in love with them. Suede is just gorgeous, a real handsome boyo.

    I think you are right Claire, Suede does look more solidly built than Sadie, Sadie is all legs  ;D




    wispy was supposed to be a complement lol !!!!!!


    hi and welcome, he is a stunner ;D


    Hi and welcome from me and mine, you are owned by a beautiful dog :yes:
    One complaint though……………………………….WE NEED MORE PICTURES :ok:


    [quote author=*Nick* link=topic=13395.msg256963#msg256963 date=1231422950]

    lol, size eight and legs up to your armpits  😀 😀 😀

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