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    yep … i am 🙁

    utterly fed up 🙁

    i am on 375mg of venlafaxine hydrochloride (reccommended maximum dose) – to give you an idea the minimum dose is 37.5mg.

    it is a drug to treat anxiety and depression but i still feel so anxious sometimes i am having minor panic attacks and anxiety induced insomnia and all the usual adrenalin excess reactions. 

    how ???  how can i bloody still feel anxious with all these chemicals in me to apparently “lift my mood” and “calm me down” ?

    i dont like myself, i feel like i am not coping with anything, i need looking after and Steve bless him just doesnt have time. 



    mmmm …..dump the junk and buy that bloody jug…otherwise i will have to drive all the way out there and back to bring you one  😉

    and….sort out the ‘back’ prob …nicely of course  :-* :-* :-*

    you will get there claire..been there before will go there again…hugs to you all


    (((Hugs Claire))) try and keep your pecker up you know it will pass hug a dog they love you all the time


    bonnie in a sulk coz the nasty vet lady poked about in her poorly ear ::)

    better dash – steve is home so nasty mummy can do drops 🙂


    Awww try to forget about the hole world, and just chill with a good film and some chocolate, and take vitamin B . Wish I could be of more help. BIG HUGS XXX


    know where your coming from but for different reasons.
    i am assuming you not on this drug long, and its a vicious circle of feeling anxious that youre feeling anxious (im sure you know that but it doesnt stop you feeling it) so CHILL!!

    virtual hugs to you from me and Max



    How long have you been on these Piglet as this medication normally takes a couple of weeks to get into your system before they begin to lift your mood. 

    Have a look at this web site, it might give you some reassurance:


    Sending you good wishes and thoughts x


    Big hugs and puppy licks from all of us Claire. Hope you feel better and brighter soon xxx


    All the best Claire, thinking of you and yours, just a thought too, if you suspect it may help I can recommend a really good SAD light, seems to alleviate my other symptoms during the dark months too x



    Angela – I have got a lovely SAD light its a bluwave one and was well worth money for getting me out of bed in dark months – I dont use it in summer, thanks for the reminder must put the timer back on.

    oooo puppy licks .. does that mean what i think it means . . . .

    Lama/deebee – 2 years . . . i’m thinking they should have ‘bedded in’ by now ?

    Now I cant flipping eat – couldnt eat dinner last night, cant eat brekkie this morning … i am struggling through a cup of tea now !

    Claire x


    two years is certainly long enough, if not too long. if it aint working …..


    Sorry to read you’re not feeling too great, hugs and a big  :-* from Kizzie.


    to you Claire, Im fed up too, been watching the OH struggling with himself for nearly 10 yrs on and off now


    Claire you need to address your core values and automatic negative thoughts – will send you some stuff to work through. 

    You also need to go back to Doctors and re-evaluate your medication.


    ok i posted this twice already so if it doesn’t work this time i’m gonna pm it  ::)

    ok claire, you are actually doing good you’re just not allowing yourself to realise it  :yes: what you did last weekend showed what you can achieve and perhaps you have gone down so much because you expelled so much energy going to the seminar which must have been a big deal strangers, close contact all new stuff probably never been to that place before and yet you did it and you learned loads!  :yes: so please look at what you are actually achieving becasuse from what you have posted its pretty damn good…so as mudge said a little re evaluation may be needed and maybe its time to change drugs?

    you doing good hun ((hugs))

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 56 total)
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