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    …..hopefully…another american cocker  😀 dont get too excited god knows when it will be, have emailed dexters breeder detailing what im after and well now it a case of wait and see if he thinks i will have what i want  :ok: Its got to be a boy, and id love another buff but getting a nice show quality buff is not easy so i may opt for black or black and tan – dont really want a parti but you never know  😉 am considering other kennels BUT i love dexter and his dogs have such nice temperments so fingers crossed  ;D


    Just wondering, why must be a boy? Both mine boys.  :yes:
    Next street neighbors used to have 3: red, black, buff.  Red & black ones would bark at my Fraggle, Brady & me. Buff would always be carrying around plastic bowl & not even notice us.


    Hope you have a big house with all these animals ;D
    their food bill must be bigger than yours :whistle:


    I just prefer boys, i cant be doing with a bitch in season as have no way to seperate etc spec as they come to work with me – and i just prefer the boys temperment, will only have anothet bitch when anything happens to my old girl and then it will prob be a spayed rescue.

    Nope average size house lassie, they dotn take up much space hardly know i have em lol!


    I find the cats take over the place more than any dog 😉


    lol there much more demanding! wouldnt be without them though, i find them great for snuggles specially if im stressed, specially the male i rescued hes such a love cant imagine not having him now! x


    That Brian? he is a pretty cat :-*


    he is beautiful – my friend has his mum, she gets spayed next week so she wont have to have any more kittens – we rescued them all, she was pregnant again hence i have the other 2 kittens!!


    so little update – spoken to dexters breeder, they have a buff to buff mating and pups due soonish!! is much a case of wait and see now if there is a ) a boy and b) a boy id want 😀 was kind of sooner than i thought but i have to say if all goes to plan – pups be ready to go home just before my birthday  😉

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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