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    We been walking Toby on his lead properly for three weeks now, he is almost fluent with walking at heel and I’m overjoyed, but that’s not all.  We been doing recall and Alex took him out alone this afternoon for a good walk, decided to test him off the lead and he didn’t run away, I’m relieved, happy and so proud.  We went together tonight, had ten minutes us standing about ten metres apart with some liver each, he was so good, started getting a bit distracted so we went back home on the lead walking to heel beautifully.  Finally feel the trust is there for all three of us, am overjoyed as you all know I was so fearful he’d try to escape or run away again ;D sorry if rambly, just HAD to share!


    Well done Angela and Alex  ;D and what a good boy you are toby.. all that hard work paying off  :-*


    well done thats great ;D


    Well done!

    Ramble all you want, you deserve too!  ;D ;D ;D


    Well done  ;D


    He trusts you and feels part of the family, be proud ;D


    ;D ;D yey well done!!  ;D


    woop woop !!!

    just in time to show off to bev  🙂

    claire x


    well done…sorry i didnt get to see you all  🙁


    Congratulations Angela and The Tobester! Really well done!!  You should be very proud!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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