i need a holiday

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    ok seeing as most of you lot are on the mainland i need some :help:

    i need to get of this rock for a holiday so if anyone has any sergestions they would be greatfully recieved :happy:
    i would like to go somewere that it in the middle of nowere and has lots of walks for stan, they must accept dogs.

    so sergestions please ;D


    It would depend on whether you were looking at south, east, west or North England! would you like to to meet up with some people for walks?


    i dont want to travel to far north but would definatly love to meet up with some of the people on the board and go for walks defiantly ;D


    That narrows it down a bit!

    would you prefer country or beach???


    ooooo now thats a question πŸ˜€

    id probly have to go for country


    Want water too?


    doG hadnt even thought of that :surprise: not to fussed if there is or isnt


    ok, you planing to drive?

    how far are you willing to drive for?


    i will be taking my car up, i havent realy thought about how far to drive, im happy to drive a far way for the right vacation spot ;D


    Length of hols, budget?


    i was thinking of going up on a friday and heading back on a monday or something

    Budget: as much as is needed πŸ˜€

    i have never planed or gone on a holiday by myself before so i have no idea about how i should be doing things :crazy:


    We recently went to Coniston Water and Lake Windermere it is great upthere we stayed in a B and B and they accepted dogs and we paid Β£30 a night it was lovely most of the pubs and shops accepted dogs too it was great.



    sandringham in norfolk is lovely. there is a small b and b tht accepts doggies, loads of country walks round the grounds and close to the beaches to!


    do they have any websites?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 54 total)
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