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    this car has it in for me  ::) wiper was fixed – wiper then decided it most definately WASNT fixed and as i cleared windscreen flew off and landed other side of busy main road – is probably stil there  >:D

    Try to drive to nearest car shop to get it fixed – starts BUCKETING it down with rain  :boooo: so had no choice but to stop and call AA  – very nice man came and rescued me – thought it was hilarious that my wiper was somewhere up the road  ::)

    However it is now fixed – and he promises it wont fall off again……………better not! So hopefully all is now ok for Discover Dogs tomorrow – couldnt of driven up with no wiper  😀


    had both mine nicked in my drive. only realised when i backed out (in rain) to see these bits of metal going across the windscreen without the blades ???

    AA are very nice men. if he says it wont fall off, it wont.


    OMG deebee – why would some one do that they not exactly expensive – i think i had been driving around for two days with no clip on it didnt realise til it fell off – twice  :embarrass:

    he was there so quickly and very nice and helpful  ;D


    car definately has it in for me – indicator switch has gone now – getting it fixed tomorrow, only about £70  ::) and the place i bought it from WILL be paying am furious rang them they insist it sees there mechanic – will call me back once they spoken to him – nothing, I cannot drive a car around that is indicating right every five flipping seconds  >:( so have had to make my own arrangements – they will get the bill for it it still under warranty v  >:(


    what sort of garage did you buy this car from? sounds like an arthur daley franchise.


    sorry car is a nightmare hun.. will swap for mine.. it is racing spec  😀


    hey Christine least my car has its door panels inside eh  😉  😀  😀

    deebee a reputable garage – but well we will see am NOT being out of pocket anymore for this car.


    If you get any more hassle and they start being funny just mention ‘Watchdog’ seems to do the trick 😉


    or trading standards. you have a contract with them, with three month warrantee, and it should be fit for purpose.


    not sure ive invalidated my warranty by having work done myself however how am I supposed to take a day off (cos it would be to get there) to get it looked at then another day to get it fixed? Least this way I can work and make some money to pay for it.

    they still getting the bill though  :yes:


    keep a record of calls etc including when and who you spoke to. and let them know it. as in ‘erm, hang on, im just writing that down, and your name is?’

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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