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    Tollers a lovely, terriers.. Not really my thing

    Spaniel collie crosses!? Scrummy  ;D


    i dont want a X breed  >:(

    no really i dont

    not like i have anything against X’s seen as i have a few of um


    Was a toller at the show today – passing its good citizen test – beautiful dog if easily distracted  ;D


    i have a lakeland, i wouldnt go there  ::)  😀


    How about a Viz ?


    i can plan and want for the next million years i know it wont happen like that

    i’ll get a phone call/email about some dog and end up with that  ::)


    Didn’t Matt want a Curly at one time Waggi


    yeh he still does


    Have you every considered something a little different, something very special indeed. The magnificent Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla. I have had dog all my life, 3 years ago a purchased my first wire. I know have a litter of 7 beautiful puppies from her, all sold i’m afraid, and I’m keeping one, to love lots and show a bit.

    I think they have got everything that my other dogs have never had. The breeds I’ve had  include – Labs, Cockers, Springers, Jack Russells, Rough Collie, Smooth Collie and last but not least my beautiful Dobermann, who is afraid of her own shadow, so looks even more stupid next to my wire.

    Research them you won’t be dissappointed believe me….    😀


    Welcome to the board – would love to see pics of your dogs, why don’t you introduce yourself in the intro section  🙂

    Be nice to see another Dobe  ;D


    I will do, if I can find were I’m going!!!!!


    It’s downstairs on the left, here you go –


    (I think)  :-\


    I’m a rough collie lover myselft but i think you are looking for a smooth collie. They are exaccly like rough collies except with short hair. They tend to bark a bit but are very smart and very loyal. They are easily trained too. I would really go with a smooth collie if i were you.  ;D


    IF i get another dog it will be a BC – got to stick with what i know really

    but as ive said before my life doesnt always work like that – my perfect puppy is now in the world and ive not been able to book him because id feel eternally guilty

    Thursday Matt got a message on facebook asking if we wanted a 7 week old puppy BC – only had it a day and its herding the children

    get my perfect dog and i have to close the door to the unperfect dog (god that sounds horrid) – the perfect dog gets a home dead easy the other doesnt  :'(


    wags you and matt have done loads for all the un perfect doggies, you deserve to work with a perfect one….i’m sure you will continue helping the un perfect ones too, just maybe its time to have that dream one  🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 52 total)
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