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    stan was sick several times this morning, twice in the flat before morning walk then twice whilst we were on walk. do you think he needs an immune boost or something? hes lively in himself but i have noticed that he hasnt been drinking a lot lately but thought it might be because he gets enough water from his food.
    any ideas?


    Poor Stan hope its nothing too serious, maybe he’s just picked up a sicky bug, I heard that there have been loads of dogs at the vets with the same sort of thing, either that or he ate something that didnt agree with him.
    :-* :-*


    he seems a lot better now but he hasnt seemed right (well my right anyway) for a few days, just wandered if i should give him an extra boost or not


    poor Stan… not sure if this is right but maybe keep him on bland foods for 24 hours or so.. chicken and rice type stuff? Maybe some selenium once he not being sick anymore?

    Kisses to Stan  :-*


    i thought about the bland diet so he on chick for 24hrs then see how he is. what does selenium do again? i know its on here will go and look


    Boosts the immune system 🙂 has he been sick again today?


    he hasnt been sick again, hes just had dinner and i added some water to it aswell to make sure hes getting some fluids. so hopefully its out his system but will keep an eye on him in the morning. will get some selenium aswell, what doseage should he have?


    Missed this this moring, glad he’s better this evening  🙂


    When mine have had the tablets I’ve just given 1 per day as it says on the box, glad he’s okay now :-*


    well hes been fine all today so i hope its out his system


    yeah we give one tablet a day when we think Fritz is feeling a bit low  😉


    thanks i will get some in tommorow 🙂

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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