im a newbie wi a new puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    oh bless he’s tiny…what was wrong with mum?


    He is very tiny, but i can see him growing everyday… when i was younger my mum had yorkies and i remember hers where smaller….


    His mum took ill a few weeks after having the pups and the owner thought i would be best to let the pups go when they were 6 weeks so the mum could concentrate on herself and not the pups….She looked really ill when i went to get Zach..but owner contacted me last night to say she was getting stronger and the vet hopes she will pull through….. fingers crossed…


    wow.. he is tiny  😮 bless. hope all is going ok for you  :-*


    He is so good and glad i have found this site its great, i searched alot of the topics last night and found them very useful…

    We are in the middle of toilet training and it is going well. few accidents but cause he is so young dont matter at the moment, eating and drinking really well he is very playful and loves to run after you up and down the living room……

    Will let u know how he is getting on, thanks for all the replies……..


    He does look so ickle  ;D Very cute  🙂 Hope the mum pulls through ok  🙂


    oh poor thing hope mum pulls through ok  :-*


    He does look very tiny.  It’s a shame that the breeder didn’t realise that all of the pups would have benefitted from their sibling company even if she had to keep the Dam away.

    I have just reared a singleton puppy and had to replace the sibling company myself, and learn from another slightly older puppy rather than let the new owner take a dog that doesn’t know how to communicate with other dogs.  :-\


    Oh he is very little but what a sweet face – good luck with the house training and all the other training  ;D

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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