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    the litter of 18 dalmation pups went a leash walk in the park…well that was the idea… ;D ;D ;D…brill picture

    and a guy been banned from keeping animals after biting his dog on the nose … it snapped at his hand…personally i think he got off light…if i had bit samtoo on the nose he would have had my face now well and in a super home


    the man who bit his dog – naughty and yep off very lightly!!

    couldnt find the dalmatian pic  🙁


    😀 😀 😀 couldnt imagine walking into a park with 18 puppies


    and in many places you wouldnt be able to now 🙁  isnt 6 the maximum in some places now ??


    poor dog 🙁

    2 litters and she’s only 3yrs old herself.  no mention of health tests yet lots of mentioning they are “responsible and caring” i dont understand how ppl can come to this conclusion – this dog had a previous large litter too.

    also – correct me if i am wrong but i thought black pigment round the eyes was a fault in Dalmatians this bitch seems to have alot of it there and so do some of the puppies.

    no mention of KC reg, kennel names, or anything that actually tells me these people are responsible except for one person mentioning they do have a contract for return. 

    the fact they’ve kept 2 littermates also adds to my impression (would love to be put right) that these ppl are not responsible breeders at all.


    Fab pics, they’re gorgous  ;D One has a huge black patch on his right eye  😮  ;D

    You may be right Claire but after reading the story of the man biting his dog on the nose, it kinda puts things into persepective, at least all the pups were well looked after and hopefully have fab homes now too  🙂


    She will have had a litter at two and this one at three there is nothing wrong with that, would not be my choice but each to there own.
    They are suppose to have eye marking black or liver on liver dogs, IMO they did dam well to rear the whole litter that must of been hard work


    So cute! What a massive achievement to have all of them survive! I love the markings of the one with the black patch!! As for the man who bit his dog….grrrrrrr



    i agree they must have been very dedicated but 16 pups x £600 …. £9,600 plus another £9,000 last year … i think that might be some incentive … i wonder if they’ve declared their income …

    but – still no mention of health tests and i know dalmatians can inherit genetic deafness and can be affected by other conditions too including epilepsy.

    i am not taking away from their effort – just adding another perspective to it.



    I wonder if the paper would even be interested to ask re tests – dont think the article was aimed at interesting to know i guess!

    Still say cutest pic ive seen all year!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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