Interesting thoughts about Hip Scores…

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    food affects hips in that underweight overweight not getting the right stuff from foods!

    and do you know i am fed up evertime i post it dont tell me another person has posted at same time and my post dissapears  >:D >:(


    and also dogs that weigh ok but bone density / growth is poor due to poor diet


    i think stinky Cle is a prime example of that

    and Grace it always does that to me – but sometimes if you hit back you can get your post back but not always


    Ben somewhere on the board is a very long thread about pet insurance, not sure how up todate it is mind but might be worth a read, and those who insure will answer any questions you have  🙂

    Was just talking to a customer today about hipscoring, and the best time etc  🙂



    i have found m+s excellent – pay my vet direct, quick claims etc …

    it’ll depend on your postcode and her being ped it’ll be expensive but worth a quote.

    claire x

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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