Introduction to Agility

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    Sound like you had a good time. Well done ;).

    Greg Derrett. Most excellent handler. Nice bloke actually, spent many a drunken night and lunch time with him and his crowd (though he was a whipper snapper then, still good handler though).

    Fame went to his head a bit a few years back I think, what with teaching abroad and training full time, charging big bucks and perhaps that is where the “knob” bit comes from. When people do well they sometimes forget that it is a priveledge and not a right to be good.. He set up a non KC rules agility competition circuit with his own rules if I remember right. Brace move, though not heard much about how it went. Not as well as EMDAC shows I reckon, or maybe becasue thats more my area? 

    Not seen his video but he is one of these handlers who usually has the best for his dog at heart, or at least he used to. You will not go far wrong following his techniques methnks.

    Good luck and enjoy it. 


    [quote author=teamblackandwhite link=topic=8019.msg142155#msg142155 date=1178186922]

    very well put and true

    personally i would have said – “hes a bit of nob but its not bad”

    i was being polite  ;D ;D


    Well done to Nacho!!  Sounds like he will be a natural just like Emmy!! (must get her back in to it!! will write it on list of stuff to do when uni finishes!! ;D)

    So glad you enjoyed it too ;D


    Pandy has bought me two books today – Dont know whether to be happy or not.  :-\

    Great dog, shame about the handler  >:(


    Improve your Dogs health through K9 massage  ;D


    lol!! 😀  Bless, bet he thought he was being thoughtful ::) 😀


    It will be the head injury  ;D


    Sounds like you both did good – well done both of you  ;D Really glad you enjoyed it  :-*


    My “knobby”  ;D DVDs came this morning.  Will get a chance to watch them later today I hope  ;D


    they good mudge? worth me purchasing them?


    Not had a real chance to look at them yet – will let you know.  😉


    2nd week at Agility.

    Now moved onto some chaining – two lots of hurdles, through the tunnel, another hurdle  ;D  He is so good at it.  Show him once and off he goes.  Learnt loads tonight about my tone and body language and how mudge it makes a difference.

    Nacho is loving it.  Very focussed.  Trainer said “you have something very special there” – so chuffed  ;D  :-*

    Was chucking it down with rain and still loved it.  Everyone doing well.  ;D


    It’s great when you can do something together that you both enjoy, it will keep you both fit as well 😀


    this week at agility for us, i wasnt there as had to work but daddy said gracies was a star! he ran the course off lead 2wice with her and she kept focused on OH all the time (this is a dog that loves to play with other, and just normally HAS to go say hi to all dogs) a 16 obsticle course and she only missed out the last jump!!!

    it seems to be moving really fast, ie week 3 and off lead, but Gracie seems to love it so i’m pleased.

    She feel off seesaw tonight just as the rain started slipped off, but he got her going over it again immediatly after, as she get a little spooked by thing, and she was fine!!

    Glad Agility is going good for you too mudge  :-*


    Well done Gracie and Mudgie  ;D  Sounds like you all having great fun  ;D


    Well done to you both!!

    It’s amazing how close you and the dog get with agility and it’s even better when the thrive in doing it!! will def go back when have finished uni ;D

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