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    [quote author=wee_shee link=topic=8019.msg152453#msg152453 date=1182343644]
    Are little dogs good at agility then ???


    Of course! Honey did it for a while – but her leg doesnt like all the jumping. She loved it and was getting pretty good I hated to stop really  🙁


    there was a chihuahua doing agiliy at our place tonight to plesse he/she was tiny!!


    Thanx Mudgie!

    Just a bit concerned about jump heights, my two are only ickle  :-[
    Mind you if they can boss a 70 pound mamalute around…. 8)


    three different levels of jumps dependent on height of dog.  Jack Russell manages  ;D  they move the poles according to doggie  😉  Won’t be a problem.  Come along have a look see what you think  ;D


    Great! Now if I can convince Sean to run around a field with one of the chihuahuas lol….

    He says once his arm heals a bit he PROMISES he’ll come, at least he’s still helping with sled training. He wants to try Nero but I’ve told him he can do it himself!  😉


    mudge that dvd you got …. does it help with positioning etc i.e. how to position yourself around the course in relation to your dog?  I am really struggling as i am not getting any advice support on how to use my body all i get told is beau isn’t enjoying himself and i am not making it fun enough, no offence but i have no co-ordination and i am concentrating not only on myself and beau but on every other dog that has no recall and watching for them flying at beau and beau is focused on me and what i am doing and he is in training concentrating mode too, i am positive it will become so much more fun when we are both more confident! he gets so excited when he arrives he has happy face and tail, but once we start he is focused!? surely that not wrong is it?

    i need to practice contacts and weaving they are both our weak points  🙁

    Agility foundation DVD by Greg Derrett 


    I will send you it like promised – weeks ago!!!

    The dog takes the direction from you so if you are standing wrong, positioned wrong, moving wrongly then dog gets it wrong.  This is all about you rather than dog.  Dog just wants to please you so if you give the dog the wrong direction and you are unhappy because he has done it wrong – he will sense that – so why would something that upsets you be fun for him  ???

    You need to get your focus on Beau and his on you – you and him should not be aware of others – their owners should be managing them – if dogs are not behaving trainer needs to have a word with owners  >:(

    sorry Zerlinda he doesnt have weak points – you do – you in charge of this – he is taking direction from you  ;D


    uhm – if you ever come down to Preston you can run one of mine

    Ive found that running an experienced dog helps you in finding out where you are meant to be it also helps you to relax a bit get into the flow etc

    I wont make you run Brock its ok

    We are possibly getting our own club together with a few friends so you are more than welcome

    There was a point where both Cleo and I didnt enjoy it anymore – i used to get tense she got tense and we knocked poles, missed contacts etc etc really because i couldnt relax i couldnt get into it i didnt belive in either of us – now i feel i know where we are both at and we work together quite well – i ran a friends older more experienced dog for a while which built up my confidence in turn giving me more faith in my dog


    i am not stressed  or even tense to be honest and i do enjoy it, but it is chaos, they have 2 classes running with about 4 trainers, the one we are in which is split in to 2 groups of 2, small dogs and medium dogs and we all alternate on the equipment etc, there are quite a few dogs, 4 in intoduction group and must be about 5/6 in the improvers group.  People have no recall, the woman with me has a springer/collie cross grogeous very hyper bouncy dog that has NO recall what so ever in fact on wednesday evening it spent over half the lesson running around the field annoying everyone else, she called it and strolled around trying to get him back, the trainer with me was getting very annoyed and was telling ME not to let my dog run around and to make sure i get him back asap if he wanders, i’m sorry but beau has an excellent recall if something gets his attention and he turns i recall and he comes straight back!! and they have said NOTHING to this woman!

    sorry slight rant there, anyway what i am saying is i do enjoy it and i am not stressed when i am there, i try to just get on i listen to what the woman is telling me have beau in wait then we do whatever it is we are doing, but i am constantly aware of other dogs running around us and where they are etc, but i would gain more confidence if someone would come to me and say look you are doing this completely wrong, try standing like this (showing me or moving me) like bev does…you know i have never done this before never really seen it done so to say i have NO idea is not and understatement  :-\

    i have spent alot of time making beau aware that i will take care of him and protect him and he has accepted that, but if i am leaving beau in a sit/drop and wait about 20 feet from where is am stood i am always watching around him as well as him to make sure nothing is gonna come up his backside unannounced  :-\  i don’t think i am really making myself clear.

    i do know that all problems are mine which is why i want help, i don’t know anything about agility and beau is following my lead, i have taken the role of pack manager and i feel in this situation where every week there are out-of-control dogs running around the field it is my job to look out for him, nobody will or could as nobody else can go near him  :-\

    anyway i am 100% sure that this is going to be even more enjoyable once i have learned what it is i am supposed to be doing.  At the moment i feel i am supposed to just try and figure it out for myself  ::)  I need to get out more.


    have you tried back chaing the contact? is is more he doesnt know what is expected rather than your body lang?

    i was told to get the dog to lie down on the contact pref with 2 front paws on ground rest of body up the contact, if you keep doing that then me should steady, also we did it a little mat at the end of the contact on the ground, then telling her to find treat, she stayed on contact so next time she camr down and was steady as she was looking for the treat, we then used the cue steady and got contacts that way, dont know if that is right or not?

    and weaves, bl**dy weaves, practice at home? i did / do lure in class with me walking backweards, and then the channel thing thae denise and waggi have posted about weaves

    or have i totoal read your post wrong and you want to know what you should be doing??  🙂


    no thanks gracie that was really helpful  :-* thanks.


    Nacho – the coiled spring – continues to do well at agility  ;D

    I have taught him a new fing and didnt want to open a new thread so have stuck it in here.

    We have peek a boo on cue.  I put a eye mask on him (you know the ones you get for flights) and we do Sleep Teddy cue (he yawns) then a few moment later we do “peek a boo” – he takes the mask off with his paws and gets big treat.  He is now trying to put the eye mask on  ::) to get another go at the treats  ::)  He is very slow taking off mask – Nacho doesnt do anything slow  ;D so it is nice to watch him  ;D  His tail constantly wags when he is taking mask off – he is so funny  ;D


    and where is the video, we must see this, bless him :-* :-*


    James has it in US at moment – will get him on it when James gets back  ;D

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