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    but can any of you get a grip with the louise torty post?  i mean…jeez…a gsp kills a tort?  was the dog in their care was the tort in their care was the tort and dog pack mates and dog lost it? 
    a gsp that is well cued wont go on a tort?? am baffled…and must admit it upset me…but also that fox put it up?

    aint on facebook so dont know details…but…poor tort…


    Well according to facebook the dog ‘swiped her when they were swopping vivs’ and well i dunno but i know if i couldnt trust my dogs they wouldnt be anywhere near when i did anything like that – but then all mine know better than to do anything to the ‘little’ animals!


    viv’s?? soz dont know that one…but…with a shell like that…dog would have had to be on it for a know torts…nothing soft outside when under threat…to damage a tort takes time ??  :-\


    I assumed she meant vivarium ?? do tortisies live in those?? i wouldnt have a clue they not something im into – but yep i agree gonna take time for it to do damage……unless they couldnt get it back off the dog??


    ah…right…yep vivs…but  😮 :-\
    have seen a torts under attack from dog..they just pull everything in…it must have been sometime on the poor thing…must admit am baffled…anyway…why change vivs…and even if you had to …put the bloody dog out if it has shown interest before..i know what gsp can be like but…
    soz i just love torts and…well..seems odd to me…lack of care… :'(


    Oh i agree, i cant bear the thought of any animal being killed unessicarily…….and it sure shows a lack of care, but then i make sure all mine are good with the little animals so i dunno i just wouldnt let it happen!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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