Is organic (grassfed) meat enough on it’s own?

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    quote :

    “Grassfed fat has a very different composition than the fat of factory meat. Factory meat has far too much omega-6 fatty acids, and is lacking in CLA and various fat-soluble vitamins. Grassfed fat has a perfect omega-3 to omega-6 ratio, and is full of nutrients like CLA and fat-soluble vitamins.”

    Would organic meat be enough to feed my dog on it’s own, including offal?

    Other foods such as grain, rice and corn contain gluten/prolamins a self defence protein from plants that can lead to inflammation of the gut, body, skin and wet linings of the animals who eat them, often resulting in chronic disease (at least for humans). So shouldn’t they be avoided?

    And do we really need veg?  Cause dogs wouldn’t eat them in the wild, unless eating whole animals give nutrients that just feeding parts of animals don’t give?


    grass fed meats are good and fine hun…dogs dont have to have fruit and veg…but they an easy source of vitamins and like them…many feed meat only diets without carbs and rice protiens…as long as they get the right mix of meats to cover the amino acids needed…so meat and offal is ok with a nice meaty bone thrown in now and then for teeth cleaning


    Thanks Bev!

    Yeah, Ruby loves her bones, I’ve noticed that since she has been fed stuff like chicken wings since she was a pup that she is a great chewer, I’ve noticed this when I’ve been feeding other dogs and some of them don’t even chew the just swallow whole.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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