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    Right…need some help!

    Just as we start to iron out some problems another one rears its head! It is bound to be me causing this but I have no idea how to handle it.

    Meg has started to be real horrid to Ollie sometimes. She would never properly hurt him and no way would he ever retailiate so i’m not too on edge!

    Small things – she will sometimes growl at him to stop him coming in the lounge or even walking past her!
    They were both on the sofa the other day and ollie flinched whist dreaming and she went for him! All noise but she did go for his neck. I was sat next to Ollie so I just said in a calm and soothing voice…hey hey hey, he’s allowed to dream silly! i’m not sure if she was caught by surprise which is what made her snap but they both continued to lie on the sofa together!

    How should I handle this? I told her off the other day as she growled at him for just being on the other side of the room and stretching, I said in a very cross voice “don’t you dare” and she rolled on her back (she was by the sofa next to me so was looking at me when I said it!) Then later that evening Ollie came over to me and had to walk across he eyeline! She looked uneasy and then clocked me and rolled on her back! I told her she was a good girl and she came over with ollie for a fuss!

    She never used to be like this with Ollie and he takes it all in his stride usually, until recently as he is so sensitive he looks like a poor beaten husband!

    Any advice? Feel free to tell me what I am doing wrong cos I know it will be me!



    How old are they?
    How long have they been together?
    Male/female – female is usually the boss in the end ;D


    Ollie is 4
    Meg is 17 months
    Meg is the boss, just not normally this hard on him.
    Been together since Nov 07 when meg was 5 months – we were her 5th home! had Ollie since he was 12 weeks!


    Has she been spayed?
    It may be she is just feeling under the weather so is grouchy. ::)
    If she starts I wouldn’t tell her off as such but a firm excuse me or enough – not directed at either dog would be better. As she is the bossyboots of the family it would not be a good idea to lower her status and then fuss Ollie.
    Willow can be a total cowbag and seem to pick on Tam sometimes, it is tempting to fuss Tam but that would mess up the balance.  Their body language can be so subtle that we can miss the incident that triggers the telling off so unless it starts to get out of hand I leave them be.
    I am no expert but I do have a bossyboots and a henpecked male ;D


    Just a thought, with the recent bad weather how is exercise and training coming on?
    Could she be bored?
    working collies do tend to be a bit high drive and have trouble settling.


    Honey bosses Buster around – but was particularly hard on him when she wasnt well – to put it blunty she was a complete bitch towards him – he couldnt blink without her wanting to tell him off  ::)


    Nope she aint bored!!



    boss dog yes by all means and with Ollie – laid back – AWG 😀 thats gonna be a good match eventually 🙂

    this cr*p .. nope – this is not about being pack manager boss sensible girl – this is pushy norty i do what i bloody like and poop to you Ollie boy !

    i am already a bit pissed so probably not best time to advise but if you can find look at my old Misty stuff she was v. similar to your meg – look at her relationship with William in my old posts i’m sure there is a fair bit about her somewhere. x x x

    claire x


    Hee hee!! I agree, I think she is just pushing the boundaries and trying to see how much she can get away with!
    Honestly ollie is laid back!! He turns into a different dog when you get him near agility which is why he has AWG!
    I’m happy for meg to boss ollie but unprovoked “attacks” just because he is not where she thinks he should be are surely something I should not allow her to do? She does it to my parents bitch but she always retaliates so we have to keep a very close eye there!
    Could Meg be keeping Ollie away from me? Is she trying to push him out or is she just being norty!!! Since typing the first post she hasn’t growled at him but he has kept a wide distance!



    realised that last post wasnt that clear !!

    i meant she and ollie are a good match once shes sorted – she wants to lead and he is happy to follow – bit like B & W 🙂

    however – this cr*p she giving you is way OTT and you are right no it shouldnt be allowed – not with Ollie or any dog.

    if i’m right – the misty stuff will help as i had both sides here – managing with a dog above and below her.

    shes managing his whole life for him – and it has to stop as if she meets another “full of herself” girl she’ll probably fight.  really really watch her with fly + the pup.

    claire x


    Come on then claire! How do i stop her controlling every aspect of his life? Had a bad day with her today, not with regards to ollie but she had an extinction on a rabbit “leave”. cow bag had been doing so well at that too! Went to her-leashed her-had a beautiful heel close walk all the way back home! Walk ended! She is sooooo pushing it! I have looked for the misty stuff but cant find it.



    ooh rabbit ‘leaves’ are real difficult ones – i would give your high criteria high drive cues a miss for now unless you feel you ‘have her’ with you mentally as she will do extinctions – little mare !!!!

    will have a search for misty

    Claire x

    p.s. theres always someone worse than u … someone i know has got a head case springer foster who attacking and biting them – the works full on stuff 🙁


    I act like Meg towards my flat mate  ;D

    And if I’m feeling tired and grouchy I occasionally act like that to the OH.

    Just because I am in a Bad Mood.

    Sooooo glad I’m not a dog – I get flowers for it!!  >:D


    Meg is permanently in a bad mood!!

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