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    yep folks !  i think today me wills and bonnie found an extra criteria we’ve called it C5+OD (for overdose on distractions!!)

    took the dogs down delapre for a run and got a bit disorientated and turned into a track just about wide enough to fit me and a dog (with some concern about me hitting the electric tape mind!!) down.  their are paddocks marked out using single wire lines at 1ft electric tape at about 2’6″ and single wire again at 4′ onto wooden posts every so often.  the first paddock is filled with horses who are grooming and playing about – we walk nicely to heel past that, then we come to the second paddock and it appears to be full of ducks (over 20 atleast) flapping and pecking about a few metres from the “fence” (which wouldnt keep a dog out or a duck in frankly!)

    and i still have 2 dogs walking to heel next to me not caring about anything else … OFF LEADS !!!

    yay dogs 🙂

    oh and then my gorgeously groomed white thing from hell goes and stands in a schluuurpy muddy puddle – cheers wills !!!

    Claire x


    well done wills and bonnie

    id like to think Honey could handle that………………..she do like horses though  ::)


    in my mind i think i am still saying “breathe 2 3 4 cue 2 3 4 breathe 2 3 4 cue 2 3 4” lol !!!!

    i did wonder if we’d be having duck for dinner when i first spotted them !


    lol – but they did it………. ;D


    yeh – wills cant be as dim as i keep telling bev he is after all  ;D


    lol course he is – just like honey they just a bit ‘fluffy’ minded at times ;D

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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