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    Out of interest 😉

    Our Gsd Hagrid, granted typical Gsd. Preferred everyone to be in the same area and would try and herd everyone together, but thankfully never nipped heels.. When our cat Smelly had two kittens (two bloody days before due to get speyed ::)) he would carry them back into the room we were in if they left the living room and come and tell us if our dd was trying to climb over the stair gate.
    Didnt think Gsd’s had soft mouths like Labs/retrivers I’ve known in the family.
    Supposed to be aloof with strangers, however he was anyone’s, especally if they were a bloke (traiter!). Always barked if anyone was in the immediate vicinity etc again typical.
    Typically intelligent as long as he knew what you wanted and soft as they come.

    Dizzy, no idea yet, seems to follow some Lab traits however when we went to the beach other day, she would keep up with my other half in the front with the buggy, but whenever our dd would fall behind she consistantly falls back behind her til dd caught up then immediatly go to the front again (several times). No nipping and very calm about it, dont now any pyraneans but wonder if thats a Pyre trait. Did same again today over the lakes here.
    Loves water, probably the lab part of her again.
    On a hunt to track down a Pyre owner ;D.

    My freinds JR is as laid back as they come. Doesnt batter an eyelid at rabbits/small furries. Thought that was unheard of in a JR.


    dodger’s loyal, aloof with strange people but loves all dogs. He has got amazing staminer and would search for a ball for ever. He would also protect me till the end but is a big baby at heart. He is very intelligent and catchs on to things so fast. Not forgetting the usual gsd sing song. He is ball, water and stick obsessed so i’m not sure if that come’s with the breed or if it’s just him lol so what does everyone think – is dodge typical of a gsd or is he just my naughty boyo who likes to pretend he’s a gsd cross collie cross husky? ::)


    Cass just sits in front of the telly all night burping & farting.  :-X ;D


    [quote author=Mark. link=topic=11956.msg229245#msg229245 date=1215548827]
    Cass just sits in front of the telly all night burping & farting.  :-X ;D

    wonder where she learnt that from  ::)  ;D


    Nacho outside is stalker boy – would sit on your shoulders if you allowed him  ::)  no fear of ever losing him

    Inside he sits in his reclining chair with his paws in a big slipper smoking his pipe

    “typical” weim – mmm not exactly  ;D


    william has definite terrier traits – excessive barking, stamina but no real pace, and hunting

    bonnie has s/h laziness mixed with BC brains and stamina for sure

    mist is absolutely lightening bloody fast (faster than Bonnie even tho she smaller, slighter and less condition) and then collapses she’d be a crap BC – i’m guessing more like a terrier type with the hunt-kill-rest and speed but she aint “chasey” with animals lol !!

    claire x


    Sadie is fairly typical…very loving, playful, all business when it comes to hunting and completely loopy  🙂


    Honey would be very typical – if she was a sloth  ::)


    [quote author=SuzAndTheDiva link=topic=11956.msg229330#msg229330 date=1215587428]
    Honey would be very typical – if she was a sloth  ::)

    😀 oh bless her…i always thought i’d have been a good sloth  ;D


    Mine as Belgian shep as can be. They love to chase, they live to serve. They hunt down anything, they want to work for you 24/7. They very jalouse, don’t like to share anything or anyone they call theirs. They very stickystick, want to be with you whatever you do, including taking a bath and will wait at your feet while you are using the toilet  ::) . Very carefull with strangers, don’t trust them easily. Easy stepped on their toos, very little heart they have. Very defensive of their family. Very curious, easy to train.

    [quote author=SuzAndTheDiva link=topic=11956.msg229248#msg229248 date=1215549201]
    [quote author=Mark. link=topic=11956.msg229245#msg229245 date=1215548827]
    Cass just sits in front of the telly all night burping & farting.  :-X ;D

    wonder where she learnt that from  ::)  ;D
    So… who takes after who?  >:D


    Welll Diesel – Cass is younger than Mark right (I jolly hope so ) so my reasoning is shes learnt it from him he taught her bad manners  ;D  😉  😀


    Sam is a nutty little BLEEP!!! think thats the collie in him. But hes a right wuss. think that was wen he got beaten.

    And jess….
    She dont do water and thinks shes a baby. Not lab like at all.


    Willow is aloof – watching – but not getting involved with other dogs except except for the odd sniff and greet. She is cautious of anything new and if it’s not exciting she don’t want to know.  She won’t let strangers pet her or take food off them  she is wary but not scared, when she does like/love someone she is really OTT with the greeting, barking whining and poking you with her nose for a fuss so yes a typical Rough Collie from what I have been told. 😀

    Tam is over friendly most shelties are not,
    He is yappy, most are,
    He is clever, most are,
    He is very loving, most are
    So yes he is typical in most respects ;D


    dorain is a whingy git that likes to disappear hunting, loves the sound and scent of gamebirds, hates the rain and likes his creature comforts – so probably fairly typical pointer.

    duibh is a great soppy waggy lump that adores swimming and licks for britain – so yep typical flatcoat.  😀

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