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    Ok, not super bad, but Rafe been itchy recently – incrasingly noticed it over past couple months… And he’s getting V bad dandruff/scurf when I brush him.

    Itching is around neck/chest and belly.  Scurf around (mostly) inside of back legs.

    He is regularly frontlined – has always been.

    Don’t think it mange as scratching not obsessive or constant, no leg twitching at all if I scratch his ears, and no “random” bare patches, altho he has bareish patches on his back legs from where he has had cuts from brambles/jumping over barbed wire fences (hmm.  not with my permission) etc.

    The other girls not more itchy than normal, so again, don’t think it a mange.

    Ideas?  What should I do, I’ve groomed him to check for any irritating foreign bodies and nada, but not bathed him and am considering it now in case he swam in something yucky.

    Unless it his feed???  Altho again, he been fed on that for a long time….


    Frontline can have that effect, does he have cod liver oil/fish oil or even olive oil – good for the skin and coat, even better if there is fish in with the oil 😉


    He has 2tbsp high grade cod liver oil daily.

    And occasionally some other oil… olive oil when I can, or a bit of rapeseed oil with his food.

    Of course now he’s itching like mad poor thing!!


    up the fruit so the zinc in the diet is better used


    dont dis-count his food, manufacturers do occasionally change their recepies without bothering to tell anyone i’m sure i remember a case on here when this happened.

    claire x


    OK, he loves apples – apples it is then!

    Will just have to keep an eye on it.


    hehe !

    what about trying that neem stuff that suz is always on about ??

    from what u said today it sounds like a contact allergy and possibly its being irritated by brushing and/or perhaps getting hot ?

    does he curl in a ball to sleep ?  if so maybe getting sweaty down front ?  also this hasnt by any chance happened since we talked about crating him has it – its not washing powder or something allegic that he’s sat in on a walk and got on his crate blankets is it ????

    just thoughts ….

    claire x


    we chat 2mor jus..he a flattie..and yep a liver flattie but still a flattie…we chat ok?


    ooh no i worried now 🙁  its not gonna be the usual flattie thing is it 🙁


    Righto – chat tomorrow.  Only condition I’m really aware of in Flatties is cancer and if it that then I have no decision to make.

    Can’t think why that would make the itching restricted to his undercarriage and chest tho.  Is all over his undercarriage.  Not just in specific sites.

    Think more likely something nasty in one of the revolting puddles he has paddled in.  Maybe petrol or some sort of chemical.  Now I think of it there was a GSD in the vets when we went in, ooh a year ago, with a skin condition brought on by a contact allergy to something nasty he’d paddled in.  That sort of rubbish I can deal with.

    Just an add-on – yeah he HATES the heat.  Can’t deal with it, but lies flat-out to sleep, and cage blankets washed with fairy non-bio coz I’m super-sensitive to washing powders and that’s pretty much the only one I can use!


    no am not thinking cancer…sorry that didnt even occue to me

    am thinking flatties and frontline…never met one yet that didnt have a skin reaction following a chemical flea treatment…they prone to hotspot probs on a good day…


    Ooooh, that ok.

    He had strong reaction to Stronghold when I used that (Coz labs had suspected ear mites) – ALL his guard hairs fell out.  Literally clumps of them coming out in my hands.

    Have used frontline coz until now no probs with it – but if it that am happy to go witchy woo with essential oils!


    all dogs have earmites…it is keeping them asleep that matters  🙂


    Oooh, now this sounds like an interesting re-education lesson for later!

    In the meantime, I’ve been checking up on “loratadine” as to its suitability for use with dogs.  Allivet has a specific doggy antihistamine based on loratadine (active ingerdient in clarityn), so I’m guessing it’s probs ok.

    Should I give him a dose of that to stop him itching?

    Oh, and now I’M itching like crazy – all this talk of mites and bites and rashes and I’m scratching madly!  (Think my itching a little more psychosomatic!)


    PHEW !!!!

    you b*gger Bev – you got me thinking the big C aswell as like Justine thats the only thing I really know in flatties 🙁

    PHEW !!!!

    frontline reactions can be quite subtle – william used to react to it, one reason i dont treat either of mine with chemical flea treatment unless i feel the risk is high enough.

    having actually had a foster dog bring them in here i have to say i think the garlic powder i got works well as william didnt actually catch ANY and Bonnie had a couple but neither dog was bitten (tho Sammie was !!) when i found them on her and bonnie i frontlined all 3 of them as a precaution and got some spray stuff that is dog friendly for the rug and did that and that was it – all gone in a day or two no fuss 🙂

    since i have stopped chemically worming and flea treating, started feeding good food and stopped vaccinating them William has got about 30% more coat in the areas you are experiencing problems with rafe in – sorry didnt think about this before 🙁  he used to be completely bald underneath now he has a nice fluffy coat like the rest of him 😀

    vaccinations – again if i felt the risk was high, i may titre or even vaccinate depending on the exact situation.  it has been 2 years for Bonnie and i think longer for William AND they have been down the kennels when 3 of their dogs had KC without being vaccinated for that and didnt catch it.

    obviously if something did happen on my head be it but i also dont want a dog who i have caused to slowly die infront of me like some of the dogs who get vaccinosis do 🙁

    Claire x

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