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    he a bit of a mess bless…but he a superstar none the less  ;D

    think we got the recovery road sorted eh jus?


    i hope so 🙂

    i think mummy has seen the light m’boy  🙂

    claire x


    Hmmmm – well someone is pleased he got to see auntie Bev and his mum got persuaded to try a new diet with him…

    Gave him a carrot and an apple after Bev left (as of course now manically trying to get as much veg down him as poss!)  He likeys…

    Then he had his first “natural” meal – I did 4 (and a bit coz it only looked little) ounces beef mince, handful of porridge oats (til I get mixer from Claire tomorrow – thank you!!), a chopped up apple, 2 kelp tabs and one zinc tab (as unsure on dosage – the kelp ones are 2, 3x per day for ppl, and zinc is 15mg), and a goooooood slug of olive oil.

    Didn’t try to disguise tabs, just mixed them in, he wolfed the lot.  Apparently, this is what flat coats like.  ::)

    And then tried him with frozen peas – loves those too – was racing after them as I threw them on the floor. 

    Keeping my fingers crossed he’ll start to feel the benefit soon.


    hehe !!

    dont go too crazy on the veggies – dogs arent really all that omnivorous, its for bulk and a little of each vits + minerals (i think thats right !!)

    terrier meal is collected and waiting 😀

    remember initially tho he does have bones, there might still be some re-adjustment to the gut but dont panic 😀 

    claire x


    He has never had the best of guts TBH! 

    He’s sharing a pack of sugar snap peas with me at the mo… Yep Bev, I think they’d work as good treats!

    And – (and I’ll be in trouble if found out) – gave little Tiggy a sugar snap, she had no clue what to do with it, so I tore it up a bit and she had a good chew, took her a few minutes to get round to the idea of eating it, but now she also begging for sugar snaps!!!  Oopsy! :embarrass:

    I’ll not give him too many more then today!


    he he he !!!

    just pm’d you !!

    whos tiggy ??


    frozen peas, scattered lol. they would disappear into all the nooks n crannies here  ;D.

    will try that, should keep him entertained.


    Claire – Tiggy is the pretty quiet one of the boss’s dogs.  He thinks that feeding dogs fruit and veg is bad, and also feeding them meat is bad, too  ::)

    deebee – YEP that is the plan!!  Used to do it with Rafe with rice crispies in the kitchen – scatter them everywhere and then sit back for 5 minutes’ peace and quiet! 

    Only problem if they miss a few – nice!


    what we trying to do is up his fructose intake so the zinc gets utilised….also to cut out the commercial and processed type treats so have suggested fruit and veg as training treats along with dried out meats…but justine needs to ‘test’ what veggies etc are of value to him as a reward…as i said to justine earlier…put a chunk of chicken on the floor and a roast parsnip and ami would go for the parsnip everytime…dogs will graze on fruit and veg by choice…remember ami and the cherries  ;D ;D >:D


    aaaah now – cherries …… bonnie used to gobble my ornamental cherries up till she worked out

    eat cherries = poorly tummy

    and no more cherry eating now !!

    yep bev i get where u at with veg etc .. 🙂

    claire x

    p.s. he was a good good boy 2nite 🙂


    (apart from the fact that he tried to mob you on the way in… and once you got in!)

    Am glad have got support from both of you through this rubbish here!

    (And of course everyone else on the forum!  ;D )


    he’s a dog ….. not a robot  :yes:

    i can forgive a little mugging he was doing lovely self-cued settles and some good self-managing of manic stuff 🙂 

    claire x


    He’ll figure it out eventually, specially if he keeps on getting Bevved – AND (shhh, don’t let Rafe know) he maaaay be meeting the Ami-lou at some point soon…. She’ll kick his butt into gear!

    I’m really looking forward to meeting the Bev-clumbers, too!  Having heard and read soooo much about them… Am also secretly hoping that Cubert is a right monkey when I meet them to make up for Rafe using Bev as a climbing frame in order to humiliate me!!  >:D


    aww … i found them quite odd the first time i met them – found them really difficult to relate to because they are small like about as tall as my william (who i only had at the time) but they’re not small … they’re …. well … CLUMPY !!  and HUGE  …

    they kinda grew on me, especially Falkor and Brose – my clear faves !



    Sooo two weeks in and the diet is going well… Haven’t had chance to tell you this Bev but his itching got so bad, when I checked under his armpits on Saturday it was all scabby and bleeding and turning into bacterial looking lumps all over his chest.  I was in London and a bit panicked so went to the vet down there.

    First time I’ve been given such a good bit of advice – she agreed with Bev is most likely a food allergy – under armpits is v common place where allergies start to show.  Am also trying (with her advice, coz it’s very much on a par with Bev’s) an exclusion diet with him.  At the mo I’ve just cot out the mixer biscuits, in case he has a gluten thing, and any dairy in case it that.

    Was also given some steroid cream – nowt else and no antibios.

    Since Sat his horrendous under arms have cleared up pretty much completely – scabs and all… And he doesn’t seem to be as itchy as he was, which is hopefully the last two weeks’ work starting to kick in.

    Now at the mo he having mince (4oz) and porridge (small cupful) at brekkie, couple of fruits and veg a little later on, then mince(4oz), veg and more porridge(big cupful) for dinner.  (with olive oil and various tablets)

    The ONLY problem, is that already he has lost 4kg.  In two weeks.

    He’s the thinnest now that he has been for a long while, and altho at the mo he looks fab and healthy I really really don’t want him to be losing any more weight.

    So out of the things I’m feeding him which should I be feeding him more of?

    Oh and v annoying – when went into place to get him weighed today I TOLD them he had a food allergy and wasn’t allowed any treats, then I saw the bleeding woman give him a gravy bone.  So down the spout goes the first two weeks of not giving him any commercial stuff.  :boooo:

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