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Itchy scurfy skin….

dogclub – Good dog food – Good for dogs Forums Dogs Health Itchy scurfy skin….

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    grrr – stupid woman giving him a gravy bone i hope you said something 🙁

    i forgot to say yesterday – i will happily take those LD bikkies back off you if his exclusion diet works 🙂

    claire x


    Aww bless you – you have my total sympathy hun is horrid and a bloody nightmare finding out whats wrong – just ask Val and Bev re Honey and how many topics we have up and the one where they finally got it  ;D

    Be a long slow process, and you have to be patient, re the weight Honey dropped when i changed to raw and she didnt have a spare ounce to really lose  ::) just up what your feeding at a guess, but check with Bev  :-*


    Oh and i have total strangers feeding Honey too – you HAVE to say something, Honeys good she sees them going to their pockets before i do – and sits and begs  :embarrass: but gives me chance to say dont you bloody dare –  😀


    Do you know, I wouldn’t have minded if I hadn’t said anything – and the thing was it wasn’t obvious at all, she had it in her hand behind her back – if I hadn’t tried to pull Rafe back (a bit too late) from her I wouldn’t have even noticed.

    Yep, Bev mentioned Honey had some real problems – you’re a beacon of hope that at least you got them sorted eventually.

    Guess in the meantime he’s just going to have to eat like a lord!  As long as noone starts telling me to get tripe…  Eurrrrghhhh.

    Oh thanks Claire!  Seems a shame for them to go to waste.  May keep hold for a little longer just in case that isn’t his issue.


    Well tripe is great for putting on weight – tried it with Honey – but makes the little one itch (O what a shame  😛 )

    I gets very cross when people feed her when they shouldnt – i still give her the odd bit of crap, but at least its not some pedigree crap  😛

    Took about a year to get Honey sorted – and we still have ups and downs now, i think she had too long on the wrong stuff and no proper help – at least 3/4 years, but Bev and Val smart ladys if they can sort HOney they can sort Rafe  :-*


    stuff takes a long time to calm down.. if they are being set off by a major trigger then minor ones could also kick in I would guess… you gotta find the biggy  :-\


    yup like honey can eat rice and some wheat stuff now – but not when i was still giving her the fruit and the veggies that was kicking of her allergies  :-*


    Well I’m probably totally imagining it, but I’m pretty certain he was itching a lot more last night and this morning after the gravy bone…

    More piriton I guess!


    Not sure if its a good idea to use too much piriton – i try and avoid if poss as i dont want her ‘getting used to it’ sure bev did something here re that and Falkor – might be wrong though  :-\


    Will be v careful with it, Bev mentioned that she’d rather avoid it, but then she saw him scratching!!

    Was brushing him today and RESULT his coat seems loads less scurfy already, and is soooooo shiny you can practically see your face in it. (He has had quite a lot of olive oil!!  ;D )

    His itchy areas seem to be contracting – he still very itchy on his chest and tummy, but when I was brushing him he didn’t go so mad with his back leg as soon as I went near that area with the brush.

    One thing I did notice tho is he has lots of very pale pinky-red spots all over where he’s itchy – think that’s the reaction that is causing the itch, but no pus-filled spots, and no nasty red lumps, and thank god now now broken scabby skin.  So will be keeping an eye on that going down.

    Oh, and he has had 5 meals today little blighter.  I’ll be the next one with a fat pooch!  :embarrass:

    Kisses to the Diva!  :-*


    Brilliant news – keep us updated regularly wont you Justine? Bet hes loving the diet change?  ;D


    Hmm, let me see – bananas, yep, definitely human food. Mince, yep, human food but without the pointless cooking part.  Porridge, again, yep, particularly good in a kong.  Roast parsnips and carrots, frozen peas, OIL…

    He has never been so bl***y content!  AND getting fed more than once a day is a huge plus.  And of course I’m trying to brush him often to keep tabs on his coat/skin.

    He is being exceptionally spoilt.

    And is turning into a bit of a brat.  Ah well, suppose I’d better do some of that, erm, what was it I used to worry about before his skin?… oh yeah, training!


    ;D  ;D a happy rafe  ;D


    Rafe even happier today – still scratching but has moved more to behind his shoulder than under arms – so taking it as good.

    Went out and got 10kg of mince from the butchers, all in nice 1kg bags, then made the wrong guestimate of how much he should have, so he had 1 1/2 days’ worth of mince in one meal.

    Apparently that’s closer to the right amount flat-coats like to have for their dinner.  ::)


    roflol he ate it all then?  😀

    Glad to hear hes feeling beter – same as with honey i had danr near instant results within two weeks – within 6 weeks she was best shed ever been, then we had the bad times as i added more stuff to see what she could and couldnt have, but so worth it  :-*

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 53 total)
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