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Itchy scurfy skin….

dogclub – Good dog food – Good for dogs Forums Dogs Health Itchy scurfy skin….

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    Course he ate it all!  And then he was hungry (greedy) again later on so he had some nice veggies left over from dinner!

    Going to look forward to him being 100% again.  Nothing worse than something wrong and not being able to do anything about it.  🙁

    Anyway – when are you both coming up to play next?????  😉


    Soon hopefully – very busy until my comp in may so maybe weekend after? let me check the dates – was hoping to come and see Claire and that you can be around that particular sunday too?


    May and June are pretty free for me so far, might be doing stuff on the bank hols, but nothing planned yet.  Sounds good!  I want to meet the Diva!!


    Hi All,
    I know it’s probably on this site somewhere…
    Fly has a history of getting very itchy and then getting into an itching cycle. She’s been much much better since being on nature diet etc but she has just started the itching again. I think she gets allergies etc and on top of this she is clearly starting her moulting.
    I was given some Viacutan last time she was sctratchy but haven’t used much of it as changing her diet did the trick.
    Is Viacutan good? Would it help? Or is it just a supplement that will intefere with her natural state.
    I know you guys will help me out and give me the best advice!
    Many thanks
    Roz, Fly and Wally


    Bev!!  Bev, oh Bev!!

    I’ve not heard of Viacutan – what is it?

    Poor itchy doggies everywhere.


    Viacutan uses the Borage oil GLA (gamma linolenic acid) essential fatty acid and is a balanced combination of plant and fish oils. This provides a very high level of biologically active GLA and is used as a dietary supplement to help skin conditions the skin in dogs and cats.


    Another update – altho Rafe and I have not been on best friendship terms this last week – at least his coat’s starting to show the effort put in.

    He got his first tangle in his feathers on his back legs – because it’s the first time he’s had thick enough feathers to tangle!

    His hair has completely grown back over the bald patches from the allergies – and the dead fluffy hair on his back legs is almost gone – replaced with lovely long feathers

    His last remaining hotspots have all but disappeared from his tummy.

    He finally has a bit of a coat down his sides, so looks less like a thin lab, and resembles a proper flattie now. 

    His coat is sooooo much thicker than it was – you can feel the difference, and when I groom him I now get more than 3 hairs in the brush.  And he’s all shiny!

    He lost a fair bit of weight, so I upped the veggie and porridge portion of his feed, I need to weigh him again, but he looks and feels fab.

    I’m going to wait until the transformation is complete and put some pictures up, see if I can find some old ones to compare, but he looks like a different dog already.

    One thing that surprised me is that the bald patches on his elbow – pressure callouses – have even started to grow over.  I had no idea that they could be to do with diet.


    ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D

Viewing 8 posts - 46 through 53 (of 53 total)
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