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    cant remember if i posted before – but dex got more itchy spots, JUST on top of his head, under his ears and couple on his throat – is none on his back etc that i can see and none in his feathering – its like hes stuck his head someone and got bitten for his troubles  ::) anyways he will itch them till they bleed, then they scab over and eventually clear up – he gonna look great for his show this weekend!

    question is, a) if they keep on should i get a skin scrape done just incase??
    b) im hibiscrubbing them to keep them clea, and putting aloe vera on – anything else i can do to help them heal up??


    piriton? Wheres VAAAAALLLL when you need her!? :order:


    i would ask what caused them in the first place…when ami gets hot spots/scabby head/back of ears and in her bib… which she does form time to time… it either harvest mite/midge bites/gorse bush scratch etc etc …i just wash them with sea salt water and apply aloe vera and then topical dose of vit e oil…


    No idea exactly what caused them bev – but i think coincides with a walk up the field sooooo midges?? cant see no signs of harvets mites…… but they kinda start like a red bite – like midge bite i guess, then he itches then they obv irritated ad kinda pop and weep a little – then scab over then heal……..

    will get some vit e oil we dont have any! and will carry on with what im doing – wouldnt mind so much but they all the sife of his face that i present to the judge – i tghink he can be presented other way round tomorrow haha!!


    Bev, vit E oil from a capsule that I would take orally?  And no, don’t know cause, comes & goes…never had scraping…never heard of harvest mites or midge mites.  We have “midges” which are like knats…small, flying, biting bugs.  Had an aloe vera plant that died, need to get another for Fraggle & me both.  Would you happen to know which variety best?  Can buy dif varieties here.  Oh, maybe proper question for Val.  Val, can you please suggest a couple preferred varieties, if any?  Does hibis burn at all?

    Suz, am wondering, does judge mark down (off?) for scabs, sores, bites?  Fraggle itchy dog frequently, too.  I need to read thread on hibis…saw title one day…trying to read too many topics at one time…

    Bev, does sea salt water not burn once itchy spot has been irritated to point of red or esp opened?


    you know what frag ive no idea if they mark down – i would assume if dog was in a real poor condition absolutely – but to be fair the spots are not as bad as i make them sound haha!! and dex has placed highly under 2 judges while he had the spots so i assume its fine!!

    off to a show in 5 mins and its pourrrrrrring down – this could well mean low entries for the american cockers often seems they dont take em to shows in the rain!!


    vit e oil in capsules is what i use…break them open and apply

    washing with sea salt solution is ok…it acts as a mild anti-Bacterial or/and antimicrobial application….like sea bathing…

    harvest mites…yukky things…there is a post on here somewhere about them…

    i dont know anything about aloe vera plants …val will know for sure  🙂 🙂

    all look the same to me haha


    Vets tomorrow – im ot happy and for peace of mind i want it checked, hes made one VERY sore and i dont think its gonna heal on its own now!


    Poor Dex…sure been there w/Fraggle…once his start to show blood, he licks it even more & can’t supervise him when sleeping.  Does Dex do this?  I try to nip it in the bud, but once in a while it gets away from me & then it won’t heal cuz he just won’t “LEAVE IT ALONE, FRAGGLE!!!!”. >:( >:( :nono:

    Bev, will get sea salt next time I go out to use as part of my nipping in bud routine…I take vit E, so have that.  Think I’ll PM Val about best aloe  vera variety.  Is there something special you do when (if) one of Ami’s hotspots gets out of hand in spite of your best efforts as w/Dex above & my Fraggie?



    mmm…well…i rarely let them get out of hand…if she bothering at it when i not about to cue her…i lather it in witchhazel and camomile cream or the sulphur cream i use…the sulphur cream is a must for the first aid box…it good for antibacterial properties…they gunky and she hates the taste…if cube sees the sulphur cream pot he does a runner… ::)….if it on her head or in her fanny and she rubbing/scratching  at them…i stick a large towel around her neck…i dont give my dogs prescription antibiotics unless totally totally needed….sulphur cream…blue cheese…cherry juice…olive leaf…they my anti biotics  🙂


    Bev, have witch hazel & camomile lotion.  What kind of sulpher cream & where do you get it?  Are cherry juice & blue cheese taken orally?  What is this olive leaf & where do you get that?  Will try towel around neck trick.

        Thanks,  Frags


    ami loves cherries… ::) funny post on here somewhere about when i was away and mo took her to the vet… ::) ::) she will take cherries anyway anyhow….whole….juice…crushed….blue cheese…they used to eating that as i use it as part of the way i worm…just ripe warm active blue cheese…i use stilton…but thats because it made where i grew up and we eat a lot of it

    olive leaf extract…available on line and from healthfood shops

    lots of sulphur creams on the market…the one i use is johnsons skin-eze


    Thank you for info, Bev. PM’d Val about aloe vera variety.



    As i kinda knew a couple of them are infected – short of putting a cone on him heaint gonna leave them alone –  so short course of antibis hopefully he be better soon.

    mind he thoroughly enjoyed his trip to the vet – apart from seeing the vets for kc as he was SO poorly with it i dont think hes been apart to have his puppy vaccs but he sure loves the vets  :canadian:


    I also use sulphur creams powders and soap wonderful stuff I buy it on line pure.
    Suz AC are a bit prone to spotty skin much like the Staffies, T-shirts are a good answer

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