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    spring must be coming – Honey itchy itchy – smae as always , not bad but typical spring itchyness  🙁 though she only started since coming up here so maybe something my sis uses in the house – will report once back home again!!


    or possibly its holiday syndrome … i always get hayfever worse away from home apparently one explanation is that its different types of pollen … I know she is an itchy-witchy girl but could it be this with Honey ?

    claire x


    yup possibly Claire as have no idea what affects her pollen wise…………


    i meant more generally too – different particulates in environmental makeup to back home, different levels of different minerals etc… in the water there that sorta thing.

    this time of year it is usually tree pollen its too early for alot of the flower ones.

    claire x


    suz…did you/we ever get any further with the honey comb wax idea….


    Yup Claire id been thinking that too – she already itching less today…………must ask my sis what sprays etc she uses! I know she picked up food off the floor/from the kids – is ok it happens and she is very good, she stole a piece of cheese on toast and just stood there  ::) she knows to give it up but the fun of stealing it clearly too much to ignore  😀

    Bev – nope but i do wonder if it more tree pollen….i never managed to source any – now know a couple people i can ask though!  :yes:


    Poor diva, hope you get her some relief, must be horrible  :-*


    Poor Diva  :-*  :-* not nice to be itchy scratchy… Aunty Christine understands  :boooo:


    Awww Christine  :-*

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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