Izzy update! I know you all like this bit really! ;o)

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    Izzy is doing really well! 🙂

    We’ve been doing all sorts of training the basic sitting and down and also stay.
    Recall is finally starting to stick. She’s starting to realise that everytime she runs about but comes back to me and sits down she gets a click and a treat so that’s going well too… All in all, pretty happy with things!

    Walking on a lead is also going well. She doesn’t chew the lead at all anymore and only pulls occasionally. Immediatly stops again when I tell her to heel…

    Oh funny things: She’s discovered that the big green snake on the drive (aka the hosepipe) is THE most exciting thing in the world!! Hillarious… We’re going to the beach this weekend (weather permitting)! Can’t WAIT!  ;D


    Great to hear all is going well – hope the weathers nice for you at the weekend  ;D


    Great to hear, keep up the good work!  ;D


    I do get confused with having two Izzys on here  😀

    Well done pleased to hear shes doing good – wheres the new photos?  ;D


    I’ve broken my camera! 🙁 new one arrives tomorrow! ;D


    good good – no excuse will look forward to seeing photos tomorrow  ;D


    Pleased it’s starting to come together


    glad she’s coming together and i can’t wait to see the picture’s 😉 ;D ;D


    thats great and beau agrees with izzie the green snakes are the best invention in the entire world  ;D

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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